Monday, 2 January 2017

Aquazzura X Farfetch Collaboration

Hello lovelies,

To celebrate the release of the long overdue and truly coveted Aquazzaura x Farfetch capsule collaboration, I have teamed up with Farfetch to reveal what's on my 'beginning of year Farfetch wishlist'. Originally I had wanted to showcase 'The Very Claire' platform as you know I'm a sucker for anything gold, platform and open-toe but as that particular heel hasn't be released, I have chosen the whimsically bohemian ' The Very Pascaline' fringed ankle boot. 

What I love about the 'Pascaline' is the how effortless it looks, whether on your feet or perched upon it's own shoe box. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, combining a comfortable heel with sassy fringe, a sleek lace-up detail and easy side-zip. These little bootie can catch and hold anyone's gaze, from the subtle yet mesmerising tassel shimmy it does whilst on. 

On first glance, I probably wouldn't have gravitated towards it because it looks so delicate but it definitely a piece that can be worn for years and years on end (with the help of a shoe protector). 'Pascaline' alludes a Coachella-nonchalant vibe, perfect for the heat of L.A. or the streets of Europe. Another little treat to discover, an adorable gold-tone pineapple placed cleverly under the sole. This shoe has no limits to elements it provides.

Onto the promised luxury wishlist, also selected from Farfetch

1. Theory 'Oaklane' Coat.  I tend to choose coats out of practicality, wearability and style but there was something about this pink wool-blend coat that made me want to say 'YES, THAT ONE PLEASE!' I also think it goes quite well with the neutral-toned boots.

2. Andrea Marques' front slit midi dress.  From a young age I have always been obsessed with anything wrap (blame DVF), as to me it has always signified sophistication and maturity, whether it is a wrap coat or wrap dress. This lbd is definitely a prime example of this. I just fell in love with the halter-neck and wrap front skirt; plus the fact it's styled with open-toe heels, just makes me think if it was meant for me?

3. Marchesa Notte Embroidered flower dress.  How stunning is this beautiful floral-embroidered dress? I am just obsessed with it. It definitely gives me Valentino/Gucci vibes. It's just the perfect wardrobe addition, ideal for any occasion whether it's for a wedding or for dinner. 

4. Anita Ko leaf earrings.  I have always been very particular about jewellery but knowing I am turning twenty-one this year *screams* has spurred me to want to refine my tastes and I cannot think of a more timeless piece to choose from. The Anita Ko leaf earrings are crafted in 18kt yellow gold and 1.28cts white diamonds, I mean can you think of a better welcome-to-adulting present?

5. Herm├ęs vintage 'Sac Mallete' jewellery bag.  Last but certainly not least, this red leather vintage bag needs no introduction. Let's just take a minute to adore it's beauty. I know it's out of my reach (for the moment) but I cannot even express how excited I was to stumble onto this bag. It is the epitome of the 'woman I want to be and bag I want to carry' piece.

Until next time lovelies,

Am I Kim KW Yet?

Hello lovelies,

It may be apparent that I may have an obsession with... midi dress, of course! Recently I have been loving a midi especially for evening occasions. I find it be so much more flattering on my petite figure, as it hits all the right parts of my body, to elongate the lengthen. I also think it is a great wardrobe essential to incorporate for maximum wear, as it can be easily interchangeable for all seasons, especially if you live in unpredictable climes such as London.

So when I was searching for inspiration and it just so happened that I was in between a Kardashian's series. I thought who better to dedicated this post to than Kim KW, who on a daily basis incorporates midis into her wardrobe, regardless of occasion.

P.s. the black hairband is intentional, as being Kim you never know when you need to pin your hair up in a sleek bun.

A Kim Kardashian West ensemble cannot be complete without a leather jacket, draped over your shoulders and a black choker.

Leather jacket - F&F // Choker - Sister's // Dress - Boohoo // Heels - Ebay  

On Instagram I got a little personal when I posted a few photos from this shoot, talking about body confidence which I think is so important to highlight, especially in a body-obsessed world. It maybe apparent that over the years my body weight has fluctuated and being a twenty-year-old who so frequently documents my outfits, goes to events regularly and is sometimes judged for studying and loving fashion; it can be hard to feel confident on days when you just cannot be bothered - to be frank. Albeit, you do because it is just easier and though when you're known for being happy and positive, it can sometimes take a toil when you really want to sigh and rant.

Though saying this, I love what I do and I love the opportunities I have been granted so far but I am writing this, to say that even individuals like me have low days when you don't feel super confident because of various reasons. Luckily, I have been showered with such positive feedback and comments, that I'm truly grateful to receive (but don't rely on). 

A huge chunk of 2016, was me finally pushing myself to be daring and to buy that bodycon dress (I never felt slim enough for) or wear that jumpsuit that is just catching dust in my wardrobe, waiting to be worn. 

So the reason I decided to do this shoot, was to document a time poignant time in my life, which will hopefully continue remain where I care less about what I look like to other and care more about how an outfit makes me feel. 

As always, thank you to Nicola for another fun shoot!

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Sesderma C- Vit product launch

Hello lovelies,

I was first introduced to Sesderma, at their UK soft launch, held at the gorgeous St. Martin's Lane Hotel. Admittedly, I like most beauty consumers in the UK may have not heard of Sesderma prior to this summer, as the brand was originally established in Spain and has since launched internationally. 

So I thought it was appropriate to add context - the cosmetics company was founded by Dr. Serrano and a team of professionals in 1989, which then went on to create the first skincare in Spain with glycolic acid and then went on to create award winning anti-ageing products.

Back to present day, Sesderma's new range is C - Vit, a collection infused with oranges, aims to boost skins luminosity, even out skin-tone, repairs UV ray damage and strengthens the resistance of the skin. It should also be duly noted that the collection is Paraben-free. 

After a few tries of the products, I was pleasantly surprised with how light and soft the product is to apply; leaving the skin feeling fresh because of the vitamin C - a perfect summer essential.

However, I swiftly realised that personally the product is a little too light and lacks moisturiser for me - nothing a touch of baby oil cannot solves. Though in the long run, as I have dry to normal skin and I am a little young (in my opinion) to use several skin products; I decided not to continue using the products and instead gifted them to a better home. 

And I know what you're all thinking, did I get a glow? Well to be honest, I didn't see a significant change to my face (probably because the trial period wasn't long either) but the scent in the beginning definitely did pep my spirits up in the morning, teamed with the fact that one of my favourite colours at the time was orange. 

So although I didn't find myself using the products long-term, the lesson it taught me is that I need to take a few minutes out my day to relax; whether it is to paint my nails, put a face mask on or put in a cheeky online order. 

Side note - All the products have a refreshing yet long-lasted orange fragrance, that is ideal whom favours scented products, though for me I found it a little too overpowering.

Until next time lovelies,

Friday, 9 September 2016

Everything 5 Pounds Collaboration - Pt 2

Hello lovelies,

Continuing onto my second piece, that I was kindly gifted by affordable fashion brand, Everything 5 Pounds is this gorgeous black bodycon peplum skirt (in size 8).

When looking on their website, I decided on this skirt for the sheer fact that is was a sexy yet fun piece that I could see fitting seamlessly into my wardrobe, on days when I want to change for dresses. And honestly, this skirt is in an uber comfortable stretchy material, that is thick enough to smooth over your potential lumps and bump - without making you feel restricted or corseted in.

For both looks, I shots them in what seemed like the hottest summer day in London and my verdict is that the skirt is easy to wear in any weather; paired with high stilettos or feminine flats. Whereas the dress in the previous post is a little thinker but would be ideal for tights and boots weather.

Outfit details -
Crop top - H&M
Skirt - Everything 5 Pounds
Shoes - Ebay

I have to give a big thank you to Everything 5 Pounds for gifting me the two pieces and Nicola Harvey for photographs. 

Thanks for reading lovelies,