Thursday, 28 February 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Hello lovelies,
First of all I'm sorry I have not done a recent blog post in a few days, I promised myself, I would be blogging daily but with me only having only a week of half term ! Coursework to catch-up on and well not really dressing 'blog picture appropriate'  aka super casual to college, and not worth blogging about. I wasn't really sure when my next post would be. But then,  I was checking my emails yesterday and I saw that I got a lovely message on my blog from  KUMBA DAUDA saying she had nominated me for a Liebster blog award. Now, I just want to say thank you, that is so nice of you if your reading this :). 

So if you gorgeous people were wondering what this award is, I will tell you. The Liebster award is a award given to an up and coming blogger, just to show them that there efforts for making a blog is not going unrecognized.

The Rules :
1. Each person posts 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
3. Choose nominations and link them to your post
4. Go to their page and tell them.

Here are the 11 questions I was asked. So Let me get started :)

1. What was your best holiday ? 
 I don't know if this will be regarding as a holiday as I was still in the UK , but I would have to say Clacton (Essex) because it was one of the only times, I can remember where me, my sister and my cousins spent so much time together when we were young.

2. What are three words to describe yourself ?
Fashion-Junkie , Polite & Caring.

3. Favourite Memory 
My uncle taking me to Manchester United games.

4. Where do you think you will be in 10 years ?
I hope to be working in my dream job,  inspiring people and just enjoying life.

5 Which one skincare, hair care and cosmetic product would you take with you on a desert island ?
Facial wipes or Botanics cleansing foam wash(with hand gloves), vaseline and Parnevu T-Tree shampoo.

6. Favourite Movie

7. Your strangest habit
I sometime sleep talk.

8. Best Book you have read 
There is so many, but the one I can think of is Face Value by Catherine Johnson.

9. What's your favourite TV series ?
I watch a lot of TV so this is a hard one, I would say right now is Revenge.

10. Worst Regret
Not saying I love you enough, to everyone I care about.

11. What is your dream job ?
Fashion Journalist and TV presenter.
11 Random facts about Lizzie 
1.I love cooking and watching cookery shows.
2. I love red velvet cake from Lola's  (Selfridges,London)
3.I love wearing dresses.
4.I am obsessed with Lana Del Rey.
5. I'm thinking of taking a gap before going university/after to travel the world.
6.I can't bake :( . (only scones)
7. I love Criminal Minds.
8.I love reading magazines/ blogs and watching youtube about fashion beauty and lifestyle.
9.When I am angry I like to put in my headset, listen to music and play my word search app.
10. I love the smell of fresh coffee, even though I don't drink it.
11.  My favourite colours are white and gold.
11 Questions for the  talented bloggers I nominated:
1. Why did you create a blog ?
2. What is one thing you can't live without ?
3. What are your ambitions in life ?
4. Where is the one place you would love to live & why ?
5. What is you guilty pleasure ?
6. Describe you idea of a perfect day ?
7. If you had to choose three celebrities to have dinner with, who would it be & why ?
8. What is the most worn item in your wardrobe ?
9.  Name three of your best qualities 
10.  Favourite song  
11. What is your most favourite scent ?
The Bloggers I nominate are :

Sunday, 17 February 2013

David Koma @LFW

David Koma A/W collection 2013 is full of new and original designs that have a futuristic feel. Koma's collection does not only experiment with the structure and the outline of the female body but also with colours and patterns. I love how innovative and fresh this collection is and how he is bringing future to us the in present.

Until next time

Issa @LFW

Daniella Helayel the designer for Issa had her A/W collection 2013 yesterday and she says “I was inspired by the Navajo American Indians, their traditional ikat designs and the wild predatory eagle.” We can definitely say it shows in her gorgeous collection. I would say that this is more the type of woman who dress more conservative without skimping on being fashionable.

 What I love about this collection is that, it appeals to every type of woman as the materials and style vary. Each outfit is very ready-to-wear and if worn with the accessories used on the catwalk, you can subtly show your individuality and style without being to overpowering. I hope you enjoyed this

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Felder Felder @LFW

Hello lovelies, today the designer or designers I shall be focusing on is the twins Annette and Daniela Felder. As yesterday was their show and I was too tired to write about it, so I thought I would make up for it today. Here are some looks that catched my eye/ outfits I wish I had in my wardrobe.

I love this outfit its so modern and sassy and I love that hat matches the coat, I wouldn't think of putting a hat with a coat as gorgeous as this, because I wouldn't think it would be needed / I wouldn't be sure of what hat to wear with it but saying this I just love this. Also I like how its paired with a plain black pointy heel.

 As soon as I saw this outfit I just feel in love, I love the textured look and the colour is just right. To me it has a vintage feel and I like how its paired with a nude colour top. It's grown up but yet still showing some  individuality.

This outfit is uber sexy & I can definitely imagine going to dinner in it. Its gorgeously put together as the colours match & so flattering as the top a little cropped and the trousers are very skin tight.

Now I usually dont like dress but this is such a classic black dress I mean what is not to like! Just a classic dress with a lovely pattern.

I love this! It has such a beautiful vintage type feel to it and I love velvet as a material so this is just heaven for me and paired with these shinny trousers and nude shoes is just beautiful.

I love these coats because there so ME! I personally love the white coat more and its just gorgeous for the colder months. I hope you liked my comments on Felder Felder A/W collection 2013 and I will be doing more posts during LFW.xxxx

Friday, 15 February 2013


Hey gorgeous people,
So guys as you know I joined twitter recently and with doing this, I found an amazing designer named Eudon Choi. Today was Eudon's  A/W collection 2013 @LFW and I was so sad that I couldn't go to the show especially as it was held so close to me, but maybe next year. Here some of the looks I could find via ELLE that I really liked.

I can definitely imagine a socialite wearing this to brunch or a woman going to lunch with her girlfriends as this look is very feminine and summery.

Who says black has to be boring ? With this outfit you can be bold and adventurous by wearing different textures. This outfit is effortless and very chic! Using masculine cut with a feminine twist.

I just love this look,  its so dolly-like and cutesy. The pattern on the dress is just gorgeous and I like that its paired with neutral shoes not to steal the focus from the dress and the headpiece. 

Why I love this outfit is because it is so ready to wear and I love the coat as I have a similar one that you guys can see in my earlier posts. The outfit is very wearable and I can definitely see a young and fashion lady wearing this to work.
 So I kinda love polo neck sweaters and I love this colour is so bright but subtle and I love that its paired with what looks like a leather skirt and cute shoes with pom poms on it. It's smart but yet looks really comfortable and wearable without being restricting.

 Thanks for visiting my blog, until next time.xxxx

Eudon Choi :

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My comments on BAFTA's

Hey everyone, so on sunday the 11th of February was the BAFTA'S ! So I mostly watched it to see the fashion and in my opinion, no-one judge me I thought it was okay but I was a little bored. Anyways lets start , so I took notes in my trusty little notebook and pretended to be a journalist while lying on my sofa haha I know I'm so sad.

First and foremost I don't know if this is just me but doesn't Stephen Fry remind you of Jonathan Ross but like an older version, not in the appearance but in mannerism, I only noticed it yesterday and even my sister agreed.

Paloma Faith looked beautiful, I wouldn't expect nothing less from her. Her dress was gorgeous and very glitz and glamour like and reminds me so much of the girls in girls aloud video 'Make Me Love You'. And I love her headpiece it's very much in the chinese new year spirit , I thought.

I think Jennifer Lawrence looked effortlessly gorgeous but at the same time I'm not a fan of the wet sweeped back look and even though her dress was pretty but hmm I dunno something I feel is a bit off maybe the hair and the dress don't go together. But regardless I will  love Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing style.

Hmm Helen Mirren's hair, now maybe she's trying to be rebellious or whatever but I don't like it, and it pains me to say it because she's such a respected actress and I personally like the way she acts. But nope its not this hair aint doing it for me, especially when I saw this picture, I love her as a blonde personally.

I like that Ian Mckellen went for subtly individuality, wearing a pink dicky bow tie and separating himself from all the other men that looked perfectly dapper but just a little safe with black suit,white shirt and black tie.

Okay I may be contradicting myself about classic suit being safe but I think everyone can say this next guy is an exception. I love how he makes wearing a three piece suit look so effortless and cool. I love you Bradley Cooper.
Thanks guys I hope you liked this post , I was going to do a Grammy post too but as I missed the 4music showing yesterday night and they cut out most of it anyway. So maybe next time.xxxx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Ralph Lauren & Leopard Wellies

Hello beautiful people,
So today is decided to snow again in London *sigh* and I really didn't prepare for it but thankfully I had these items in my wardrobe and my sis thankful leaded me her shirt. Btw I'm sorry for the terrible lighting didn't have time to take a picture outside and this room had the most dim lighting EVER !

So today I kept it pretty simple leopard wellies , Zara leggings and Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt (slim Fit). Thanks guys for

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello lovelies,
So this post is purely just to tell you lovely people that I have currently blogspot (as you guys know DUH ! Liz lol ) twitter, bloglovin, tumblr and I'm a blogger on a student jobs site :) and I would love if you guys shared, followed, liked all my sites. All the links will below.xxxx

Friday, 8 February 2013

Casual Friday

Hey guys,
so today I thought I would share with you what I wore to sixth form today. It's quite casual but yet very VERY comfortable for me,personally; it also could be perceived as smart which is a bonus ! It's quite a get up and go outfit and quite simple. I'm wearing h&m shoes, Topshop leggings,shirt was actually given to me by a friend but the brand is Solid Jeans ,calvin klein bracelet, new look necklace.

Thanks guys for reading this post, until next time.xxxx
Oh yeah follow the beautiful girl that helped me take theses photo's @mistress_yoda

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Does Fashion Run Our Lives ?

 After flicking through 'Print in Fashion' by Marnie Fogg in my free period, it got me thinking does what we wear really change the way we feel or even act ? Well I have to admit, I'm guilty of feeling of  like a plain jane,boring or even a lil down, when I'm dressed quite casual from being smart during the week. But this could be that over time, we as a society have associated  certain words with certain looks and trends. Like comfortable is now associated with casual and boring and smart is supposed to be wearing figure hugging  clothes that are uncomfortable /restricting. But why can't you be comfortable and smart, eh?!

Why is certain prints like leopard print seen as sexy and taking a 'walk on the wild side' as the book says. Maybe because it is a 'vivid realistic representation of the animal' So when we wear these prints do we turn into them? Well characteristic wise, I mean so this takes me back to my earlier question does fashion run our lives? Or the clothes we wear dictate the way we feel or act to others. For example, Gloria from modern family is a perfect example in the episode when they whole family go to disneyland and Jay buys Gloria slippers because he can tell she's in pain and as soon as she wears them, her personality changes and she's a lot more calmer and nicer to be around. So girls, why do we put ourselves through so much pain to look pretty ,slimmer and taller. Is it worth the pain ?

What I have always tried to figure out is who started this whole myth that certain colours do certain things like black being slimming or red daring? Well is it true? Now if we think about it logically, is black really slimming? Or because everyone says it is and because its a dark it may give the illusion that its slimming. And is red really daring? Or it is because it's a bright colour, that maybe  seen as daring and even sexy. But saying this their is are more songs about ladies in red and there is a saying 'paint the town red'. So i don't know, maybe it's true.

But what about FLORALS ! we cant leave out floral. Well everyone has there own interpretation of the pattern floral from hippy chic - grandmothers curtain. But who made theses judgements? And why has it stuck ?! Why cant we all just be free and not banded into categories/labels.

I personally believe that fashion is a big part of my life and expresses who I am, so I wouldn't say it runs my life but most definitely is very important part of it.



Hello Lovelies,
I will start by introducing myself, I'm Elizabeth , I am a FASHION JUNKIE  and this blog will purely be inspiration, news and things that catch my eye. But stay tuned as I will sometimes be doing follow me around posts on my daily adventures.So, guys lets get started, this is what I wore on wednesday Jan 30 2013 to college.

I'm wearing:
cross necklace-Mum bought
               Tights-Morleys (Department store)
Bag - New Look

And heres some on styles that a few that catched my eye on wednesday that I had to take a picture of.

Alaa's Outfit

Rai's Outfit
Top- sisters
Jacket-Dorothy Perkins
Headband-New Look

Faiza's Outfit
Jumper-charity shop
Skirt-miss selfridge
Shoes-river island

Chantana's Outifit
Polo neck-Zara
Bag-max c london

Nafisah's Outfit:
Jacker-River island

Shernika's Outfit:

Sabrina's Outfit:
Leather jacket
Acid wash skinnies 
black brogue shoes

I hope you enjoyed my first post, and hopefully it gave you some fashion inspiration. If you like this then you will love what I have comming up in my next couple of posts in the comming months. 
Bye  lovelies.xxxx