Saturday, 2 February 2013

Does Fashion Run Our Lives ?

 After flicking through 'Print in Fashion' by Marnie Fogg in my free period, it got me thinking does what we wear really change the way we feel or even act ? Well I have to admit, I'm guilty of feeling of  like a plain jane,boring or even a lil down, when I'm dressed quite casual from being smart during the week. But this could be that over time, we as a society have associated  certain words with certain looks and trends. Like comfortable is now associated with casual and boring and smart is supposed to be wearing figure hugging  clothes that are uncomfortable /restricting. But why can't you be comfortable and smart, eh?!

Why is certain prints like leopard print seen as sexy and taking a 'walk on the wild side' as the book says. Maybe because it is a 'vivid realistic representation of the animal' So when we wear these prints do we turn into them? Well characteristic wise, I mean so this takes me back to my earlier question does fashion run our lives? Or the clothes we wear dictate the way we feel or act to others. For example, Gloria from modern family is a perfect example in the episode when they whole family go to disneyland and Jay buys Gloria slippers because he can tell she's in pain and as soon as she wears them, her personality changes and she's a lot more calmer and nicer to be around. So girls, why do we put ourselves through so much pain to look pretty ,slimmer and taller. Is it worth the pain ?

What I have always tried to figure out is who started this whole myth that certain colours do certain things like black being slimming or red daring? Well is it true? Now if we think about it logically, is black really slimming? Or because everyone says it is and because its a dark it may give the illusion that its slimming. And is red really daring? Or it is because it's a bright colour, that maybe  seen as daring and even sexy. But saying this their is are more songs about ladies in red and there is a saying 'paint the town red'. So i don't know, maybe it's true.

But what about FLORALS ! we cant leave out floral. Well everyone has there own interpretation of the pattern floral from hippy chic - grandmothers curtain. But who made theses judgements? And why has it stuck ?! Why cant we all just be free and not banded into categories/labels.

I personally believe that fashion is a big part of my life and expresses who I am, so I wouldn't say it runs my life but most definitely is very important part of it.


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