Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My comments on BAFTA's

Hey everyone, so on sunday the 11th of February was the BAFTA'S ! So I mostly watched it to see the fashion and in my opinion, no-one judge me I thought it was okay but I was a little bored. Anyways lets start , so I took notes in my trusty little notebook and pretended to be a journalist while lying on my sofa haha I know I'm so sad.

First and foremost I don't know if this is just me but doesn't Stephen Fry remind you of Jonathan Ross but like an older version, not in the appearance but in mannerism, I only noticed it yesterday and even my sister agreed.

Paloma Faith looked beautiful, I wouldn't expect nothing less from her. Her dress was gorgeous and very glitz and glamour like and reminds me so much of the girls in girls aloud video 'Make Me Love You'. And I love her headpiece it's very much in the chinese new year spirit , I thought.

I think Jennifer Lawrence looked effortlessly gorgeous but at the same time I'm not a fan of the wet sweeped back look and even though her dress was pretty but hmm I dunno something I feel is a bit off maybe the hair and the dress don't go together. But regardless I will  love Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing style.

Hmm Helen Mirren's hair, now maybe she's trying to be rebellious or whatever but I don't like it, and it pains me to say it because she's such a respected actress and I personally like the way she acts. But nope its not this hair aint doing it for me, especially when I saw this picture, I love her as a blonde personally.

I like that Ian Mckellen went for subtly individuality, wearing a pink dicky bow tie and separating himself from all the other men that looked perfectly dapper but just a little safe with black suit,white shirt and black tie.

Okay I may be contradicting myself about classic suit being safe but I think everyone can say this next guy is an exception. I love how he makes wearing a three piece suit look so effortless and cool. I love you Bradley Cooper.
Thanks guys I hope you liked this post , I was going to do a Grammy post too but as I missed the 4music showing yesterday night and they cut out most of it anyway. So maybe next time.xxxx

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