Wednesday, 27 March 2013

5 Broken Camera's by Emad Burat & Guy Davadi

Hello lovelies,
so today I had the opportunity to go and watch the Oscar nominated film '5 broken Cameras'. Now to prior watching this film, I never thought it would affect me, as much as it did. This film is amazing, it's touching, truthful and even could be called a bildungsroman, as it follows not only the Palestine's ongoing war, but also the life of the protagonist Emad Burat's youngest son Gibreel. I will link the IMDB profile of the film here. I can't explain to you guys how much this film inspired and made me want to help people even more than I do already, as it is such great eye opener. I was also privileged to actually meet the director/protagonist character himself ! Emad Burat as I went with my A-level media class. This film has actually made me re-think whether to do Fashion Journalism at LCF(that has been my dream for so long) to maybe just do Journalism as I have always wanted to be the voice of the people and to broadcast the truth . My apologies for not doing an ootd today but as I was dressed pretty casual, it wouldn't be very interesting and also I wouldn't want to take the focus away from this film.

I know this post is a little different to what I usually do, but I thought it would be fun to mix up a little.
I hope you lovelies have a lovely evening.

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