Saturday, 9 March 2013

H & M latest catalogue

Hey fashionistas,

So a couple of days ago, I received via post the new H&M catalogue and because I instantly really liked some of the new products I thought I would do a blog post on them. Here are just some things that caught my eye when I was flicking through the catalogue / browsing on their site. So lets gets started.



1. Black &White patterned trousers-£12.99    2. Blue & White dotted trousers-£14.99   
3. Blue textured dress-£24.99     4. Black dress with tiger print-£12.99    5.Multi-colour maxi skirt-£19.99
6. Pink skirt with lace -£19.99     7. Gold earrings-£4.99     8. Brown ankle boots-£24.99   
 9. Red bowler hat-£7.99   10. Army green jacket with grey sleeves-£29.99 

I know theses pieces are very random but I really liked them all. Something that I noticed when flicking through the catalogue is that prints are definitely still in! And thats why I had to included these patterned trousers and the gorgeous maxi skirt that reminded me a lot of something Gillian Zinser aka 'Ivy Sullivan' from 90210. I love things with tigers or lions as I am a Leo, so of course I would love this black dress with a tiger on it. I choose this light pink skirt because I thought it was really cute and it reminded me of a skirt that Georgina Clare wore in one of her posts. The gold earrings reminded me of 'The Great Gatsby' and something that would be sold on 'Jewel Mint'  so I was really surprised that it was sold for only £4.99. Theses brown boots reminded me of a close friend on mine, who has really good taste. Also these boots could be a good investment, as it would go with literally everything as it is brown and quite subtle. When I saw this hat I automatically thought of Amy and I thought it was just a really pretty colour. 

Thank you so much for reading :)

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