Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wildfox Couture Outfit Wishlist

Hey gorgeous people,
so today I was have been having a relaxing day because it's the first day of EASTER BREAK ! and I thought as I have just watched my fav film of all time CLUELESS!! and Wildfox did a great job of replicating the films iconic scenes. I thought why not do a Wildfox outfit wishlist. So here it is lovelies.

Such a cute and  a clueless-like outfit, I love it from the cute shorts to the lovely sheer socks .

This is mega cute and so me, I love the school girl inspired skirt with a 90's inspired top.

This definitely alot more wearable and quite casual but still cute. And I'm sure you spot a trend happening, yes I love skirts.
Isn't this just a fashionable way to be sporty, I mean if you wear this outfit, no-one will be calling you a tomboy, thats for sure.
Ah ha finally an outfit with trousers, your thinking. I liked this it's kinda boho because of the high waisted ness but smart, cool and casual which I like in clothes and has cats, which is a print I haven't worn yet (I have worn horses and birds).

So okay, I know I'm not being really helpful, if you want to get the looks as I haven't put the prices but I will link the website, if you haven't heard of them, even though I think most people have. I hope you guys have a great day.