Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rain + Ralph Lauren

Hello amigos,
So yesterday I wore a variety of thin layers, as I woke up to see a dark sky and rain so I thought I would layer up a little as it was windy aswell ! This was the first time I wore my Ralph Lauren gilet with fur collar and it was really warm. I wore it alongside my Topshop legging, H&M shoes, Mango polo neck, Solid Jeans shirt and my black bucket bag.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
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Yellow Sunshine OOTD

Hello lovelies,
I hope you are all well. So this week in London it was really warm and I thought why not wear my lovely yellow dress from Misguided. Now if you know me or follow me on twitter you know I LOVE Missguided especially for their dresses. I wore this dress on Thursday 25 of April and if I wasn't going to college I would have probably wore this with sandals, a cute shoulder bag and bare legs but because I was going to college I decided to pair this beautiful dress with just black leggings &shoes from H&M and my black bucket bag.

Isn't this belt so cute & It comes with the dress !

Me showing you the movement in the dress 

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Interview with Kate from Shop louise and co

Hello lovelies,
So this month I'm trying to be diverse in my style of blogging and I hope I'm succeeding ! Ha . Today I have another lovely interview from Kate a fashion and retail studies student who is also the owner of which is an amazing online store that you should go and look at after you read this post ! So lets get started

How did you get started? And why ?
Wanting to get my toes wet in the online business world, I dabbled in the handcrafted jewellery department. Realizing that creating jewellery just wasn't for me, I began to grow a strong affinity towards re purposing vintage clothing.This love and ability to give vintage clothing a new purpose is what created Louise&Co. in October 2011.

Did you always want to be a designer ?

I'm not quite sure I want to be a designer, however I have always been interested in fashion. I find the idea of having my own business exciting as well; so naturally the next move for me was trying to find a way to merge both my love for fashion and business together. I do enjoy making my shorts and studding them, and I also enjoy the hunt for vintage clothing; but I also love all the behind the scenes stuff of running an Etsy shop.

I love your shorts they so cute which are your favourite pair ?

I think it's hard to say which pair is my favourite, because I put time, love, and effort into each pair. I really love the galaxy shorts though, because I was able to show my artistic side by hand painting each pair.

Who are your role models ?

I would say my biggest role models are my parents. I see how hard-working they all are, and it really inspires me to be that hard-working in everything I do. Other than my parents, I would say my role models are local boutique owners. I love how they created their own image in their head and made it into a successful shop and brand; I would love to be able to do that one day for myself.

What's next for Shop louise and co ?

I feel like there is a lot in store for Louise&Co. There's so much growing that can be done, and I work towards improving my shop everyday. I'm really excited because I have my first craft show coming up next month, and I plan on getting involved in more shows over the summer. Eventually, I would love to have Louise&Co. become a brick and mortar store.

Thank you so much for reading lovelies I hope you enjoyed this interview,
 go check out Kate's links as she is amazing !

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Guest Post - Selina from missfashion1994

If your future is in fashion…

Hi lovelies. Firstly I want to say thank-you to Lizzie for inviting me to do a guest post for her pretty awesome blog!
I was debating for quite a while as to what I should talk to you guys about and I asked myself, what would I want to read? Well I love reading advice and tips about how to pursue a career in fashion, so I thought I would share some favourites with you.
  • Be active. Don’t wait around for something wonderful to happen, you have to make things happen. There are so many ways to show how passionate you are, whether that be through your blog, your job, attending events and workshops etc.
  • Read. If you want a career in fashion, read magazines, fashion-based websites and blogs to stay up to date with everything that is going on. Reading will also help to improve your writing skills which are always useful. There are also books out there specifically for people who want to get into fashion, I have ‘How To Prepare For A Career In Fashion’ by Stephanie Finnan and it’s literally my holy book.
  • Social network. Use twitter and facebook to your advantage. There are so many tweets advertising for various roles such as stylists, pattern-cutters etc. A good account to follow is @ukfashionintern
  • Gain experience. The fashion industry is different to most in that experience is more credible than qualifications. It makes sense because obviously sometimes grades do not reflect how capable you are. Try and gain as much experience as possible, I’ve found so many amazing placements through
  • Don’t compare. Although it’s hard, try not to compare yourself to other people who are doing big amazing things. If you put in the hard work and commitment, your time will come.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful.
Stay stylish – Selina.

My interview with Haley Key from Fourbeautifulkeys

Hello lovelies,So today I have a special surprise for you guys, I have something a little different as you guys can see from the title it's an interview with the lovely Haley Key from . I hope you lovelies enjoy :)

What made you start designing jewellery?

 I begun making jewellery as a hobby with basic beading & wire work before moving onto sheet metal designs.I found the Internet a fantastic learning tool to get started.I launched the business under two years ago.I sold my first few pieces to family & friends before moving onto various fairs/events and then onto designing the website & taking to social media to promote my brand via Pinterest.Facebook.Twitter and of course our online boutique and by social networking & word of mouth my brand has grown & on twitter has a 4100 strong following!

Who are your influences or roll models?

My business is inspired by my Christian faith and love which I incorporate into my designs...I'm a sentimental romantic with a slight touch of wackiness! I love creating meaningful...personal..unique creations and often take inspiration from my customers bespoke designs to.

How did you come up with the name?

The business is named after my four beautiful children.

Have you always felt inspired to design jewellery?

No..But I am a very creative person, I love all aspects of design & creativity from interior,art/craft to fashion .

When did you start your brand & was it hard?

Starting my business was trial & error to begin with, I learnt as I lept! The hardest part was funding,launching a business in a recession was tough and at times disheartening,but there was also lots of victories to which far out weights the hurdles and with and a love for this amazing job I get to do I press on into the future with excitement because I see amazing doors being opened for the brand to grow even more! I have had some fantastic opportunities to make some amazing pieces like the "A Way Out Charity" Necklace, which has been a privilege to have designed. As well as having my designs owned & worn by well known celebrities is fantastic!

Do you have any advice for any aspiring designers?

 Yes..My advice would prepared to work hard & persevere, do not give up at the first hurdle be dedicated & passionate believe in yourself, your product and you will succeed

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

Ohhh..I would have to say the double heart necklace...Which is also owned by TV Presenter Laura Hamilton..we personalised her piece with her name & the name of husband on the back of the necklace! (yes..i am a sentimental romantic..told you!)

What is next for the brand Four Beautiful Keys?

We will be working on some new designs of rings & bangles this year..and a few top secret things! ! so watch this space!!

Also are looking for fashion bloggers to do reviews on their products, so if you interested definitely get in contact.

Thank you so much for reading 

All the colours of the rainbow OOTD + Ramble

Hello gorgeous people,
I hope you are all well, I got some news so on Thursday I got the new that I passed my maths gcse that I was redoing and I was so soo HAPPY! because me and maths aren't the bestfriends lets just say that but now I'm thinking maybe I should do it again to get a higher grade hmm.

 Anyway me and my girlie Rai thought we would dress summer as the weather is nice and friday morning comes and I am contemplating whether to do is as it looked a little windy and I said I was going to wear a dress, so in the end I took a leap out of Zoella book and I thought just say YES so I did it and I thought I really looked cute !

Cream cardigan-Vera Moda
Purple cardigan-New look
Belt-New look (attached to a pencil skirt)

So I really love this dress, the colour is so pretty and this is my 2nd I have worn it, as it was a gift from my sister early on this year. I am definitely going to wear this is the summer so watch this space. (also it makes me look so slim which I love!)This dress is so lady like and pretty but still young and fresh and it is really bright I daresay Neon, which is funny because I said I didn't own anything neon on my guest post for Belle   BUT I guess I do. I love my New look cardigan as it is so cute and a lovely colour and I thought why not colour block !

Here is what my girlie Rai wore.

Headband-DIY from a belt
Dress- H&M
Shoes- Primark

Doesn't she just look so gorgeous ! Such a cute outfit 

After I finished sixth form I walked home through the park and it was such a lovely day I thought I would take pictures of my surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed this photo filled ootd/ramble 
thank you so much for reading 

Guest Blogger: Erin from beautyisagirlsbf

Hello, i'm erin from the blog and I'm taking over the lovely Lizzies blog today! 

I'm going to tell you a bit about this product and what I think of it.. pros and cons..

Bed head 

mini headrush

This product is a a fine spray that's designed to give you hair volume and shine after use. It's very easy to use and has a really nice scent that stays on your hair for the majority of your day, It's also good if you get fly away's on the tops and sides because if you use it then brush your hair down, the fly away's stay down.
It has a nice smell
Does what it says
It lasts long 
You don't need to use a lot of it

If you spray too much in one spot it can look and feel greasy
It's not a small bottle that you can carry around

So I use this product regularly and I'm happy with it. The first time I used it I put too much on and it made my hair look quite greasy, but since then I only use small amounts of it. I love the smell, so I tend to use it on a day when i'm not washing my hair until later on so it smells nice. I would recommend this product and would say that the description is very reliable and I would definitely buy it again!

thanks for reading!
Erin xo

Twitter: @beautyiagbf

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

90's Kid Survey

How cool is this picture I found on google !

Hello gorgeous people,
today I'm doing the 90's kid survey, as I thought it would be a fun tag to do as I saw the lovely Sammi aka Beautycrush  do this tag with her boyfriend Ricky aka RickyRichardstv - I will link the video here if you haven't watched it yet. Also I would love to see or read what answers have to this survey, so please comment with the link if have done it. 

So lets get started.

1. Favourite TV show?
Well there is loads : Sister sister, Hey Arnold, Kennan and Kel, That's So Raven, The Proud Family, Arthur, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Blues Clues, Reccess, Braceface, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Franklin, Madeline - I could go on their is loads (100 nostalgia of 90's kid jogged my memory) 

2. Favourite Toy?
Game boy.

3. Favourite commercial ?
The only one I can actually remember is the Christmas coca cola advert.

4. Nsync or Backstreet boys?
Hmm that's a hard one, but I will say Nsync (because of Justin Timberlake)

5. Weirdest fashion trend?
Well I was really young and from the picture I think my mother dressed me up really cute and girly. 

6. Favourite collectables ?
I would say Barbies, Manchester United merchandise and football cards I would blag from the boys haha.

7. Favourite beanie baby ?
I dunno :/

8. How many tamagotchi's did you go through?
I actually never had one, I always used my friends haha.

9. Favourite game console + game?
Pac Man- I'm not a big gamer.

10. Favourite Disney channel original movie?
The Cheetah Girls Movie 

11. Favourite music artist?
Cheeky girls, Spice girls, Las Ketchup, Britney Spears, No Doubt, Mariah Carey, Destiny Child, Aaliyah.

12. Favourite Nick Jr. show?
Rupert, Rugrats, The Little Prince and Franklin.

13. Favourite candy?
Milky Bar.

14. Favourite game? (board game, school game, etc.)
Snap, clapping games, Bingo. 

15. Favourite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?
All of them.

16. Favourite book?
Clifford the Big Red Dog.

17. Favourite clothing store?
I was an Adam's child.

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
I can remember watching Barney and The Fumbles (on cbeebies).

Thank you for reading lovelies

Bedroom Edition

Hi dolls,
I know this was a little different to what I usually blog about but if you don't know me I love everything  INTERIOR! from shows to blogs. I was inspired by the lovely Rose to do a post, so go and check her out as she has a lovely blog. So I went a little obsessed with looking a pictures of luxury bedrooms on google and had to stop myself but everyone loves a good photo filled post right!

Heres a few little bits and bobs that may make your bedroom a little more homely and cute.

Embroidered Paris cushion
Next - £14

Akerkulla cushion cover

Medium Cream Ceramic Lantern
Next - £12
12 Aperture long collage
Next - £25

I hope this helped lovelies and if this inspires you or you have done an interior post before than please link it down below, I would love to read it.

Reserved S/S 13

Hello lovelies,
So I have been suffering from writers block, as I have been feeling so uninspired lately and I'm not really sure why. So one day out of the blue I remember, it was a  *light bulb on* moment haha. I always used to go on and it was partly one of the reason why I felt inspired to even start blogging, so as soon as I went on the site I immediately felt inspired again ! (I'm not really sure, why I stopped going on the website). Anyways I was just looking around when I saw the Reserved S/S 13 collection campaign with the beautiful model of the moment Cara Delevingne.

I absolutely love theses pictures of their new collection and I think Cara was the perfect choice to model. I absolutely love the denim jacket with the printed trouser outfit the most as it is so young, fresh and edgy! and also really easy to emulate with high street brand, as there are a lot of dupes of this trend out right now (I think I have seen similar printed trousers in H&M, so ladies take a look, if you haven't already). Also I love that the big floppy hats(I can't remember the correct name) are still in style, I definitely need to invest in one this year. The last picture I find is just so effortless and chic and definitely a picture that is timeless and could be taken anytime. 

Thank you for reading,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Guest Blogger: Katrina from Carousel Diary

The Guide to the Perfect Lip

Something that has eluded me until recently was getting the perfect lip! I had looked at others in admiration of their perfect pink or red hued lips and wondered why I struggled so much to get the same.
I’ve never much been in to lipsticks or gloss myself, but recently I have become obsessed and now hoard a huge collection of various colours! What I have also learnt along the way is how to get the perfect lip – and make it stay! 

Exfoliate: Always exfoliate your lips! You do it to your face and body, so why not your lips too? Apply lip balm to your lips and then take a dry toothbrush, in circular motions “buff” your lips. Be gentle, your lips aren’t as tough as the rest of your body! Wipe any dry bits off with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser to ensure you have the perfect clean base.
Product Watch: ELF and Lush both do great lip exfoliators, these replace the toothbrush trick and you simple buff them in to your lips. The exfoliating beads are a bit harder to clean off without ending up in your mouth though!
Lip liner: Once you’ve got clean and supple lips you need to draw around the natural outline of your lips. I am not a big fan of the harder lip liners as I find them too harsh on my lips, look for one with a slightly softer consistency. The trick here is to match the lip liner and lipstick shade as best as you can, you don’t want bright red lips with an orange lip liner outline!
Product Watch: I love MAC for lip liners; their lip liner in Cherry is the perfect match for Ruby Woo – the perfect red!
First coat of lipstick: Now you finally get on to applying your chosen shade! Apply all over the lips as you normally would and ensure there is good coverage.
Product Watch: Although I love MAC for Lipsticks, Barry M also have a great range and they are long lasting too. Their Black Cherry is shade is my current favourite for nights out!
Blot: Take a cotton pad or piece of tissue, fold and place in the middle of your mouth. “Bite” down with your lips for a few seconds and then remove. There will be a fair bit of lipstick on the tissue/cotton pad; this is what we are after!
Second coat of lipstick: Now apply a second coat of lipstick, the same shade as you chose before. Ensure application is perfect as this is the last step! I find applying with a lip brush is often best to ensure you fill every nook and cranny.

I hope this guide helps you get the kiss proof lips I have been after for years!
What’s your favourite shade of lipstick at the moment?
Guest post by Katrina from Carousel Diary –
Contact me on Twitter - @carouseldiary
(Image Source: Google)