Saturday, 20 April 2013

All the colours of the rainbow OOTD + Ramble

Hello gorgeous people,
I hope you are all well, I got some news so on Thursday I got the new that I passed my maths gcse that I was redoing and I was so soo HAPPY! because me and maths aren't the bestfriends lets just say that but now I'm thinking maybe I should do it again to get a higher grade hmm.

 Anyway me and my girlie Rai thought we would dress summer as the weather is nice and friday morning comes and I am contemplating whether to do is as it looked a little windy and I said I was going to wear a dress, so in the end I took a leap out of Zoella book and I thought just say YES so I did it and I thought I really looked cute !

Cream cardigan-Vera Moda
Purple cardigan-New look
Belt-New look (attached to a pencil skirt)

So I really love this dress, the colour is so pretty and this is my 2nd I have worn it, as it was a gift from my sister early on this year. I am definitely going to wear this is the summer so watch this space. (also it makes me look so slim which I love!)This dress is so lady like and pretty but still young and fresh and it is really bright I daresay Neon, which is funny because I said I didn't own anything neon on my guest post for Belle   BUT I guess I do. I love my New look cardigan as it is so cute and a lovely colour and I thought why not colour block !

Here is what my girlie Rai wore.

Headband-DIY from a belt
Dress- H&M
Shoes- Primark

Doesn't she just look so gorgeous ! Such a cute outfit 

After I finished sixth form I walked home through the park and it was such a lovely day I thought I would take pictures of my surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed this photo filled ootd/ramble 
thank you so much for reading 

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