Thursday, 4 April 2013

Guest Blogger: Katrina from Carousel Diary

The Guide to the Perfect Lip

Something that has eluded me until recently was getting the perfect lip! I had looked at others in admiration of their perfect pink or red hued lips and wondered why I struggled so much to get the same.
I’ve never much been in to lipsticks or gloss myself, but recently I have become obsessed and now hoard a huge collection of various colours! What I have also learnt along the way is how to get the perfect lip – and make it stay! 

Exfoliate: Always exfoliate your lips! You do it to your face and body, so why not your lips too? Apply lip balm to your lips and then take a dry toothbrush, in circular motions “buff” your lips. Be gentle, your lips aren’t as tough as the rest of your body! Wipe any dry bits off with a cotton pad soaked in cleanser to ensure you have the perfect clean base.
Product Watch: ELF and Lush both do great lip exfoliators, these replace the toothbrush trick and you simple buff them in to your lips. The exfoliating beads are a bit harder to clean off without ending up in your mouth though!
Lip liner: Once you’ve got clean and supple lips you need to draw around the natural outline of your lips. I am not a big fan of the harder lip liners as I find them too harsh on my lips, look for one with a slightly softer consistency. The trick here is to match the lip liner and lipstick shade as best as you can, you don’t want bright red lips with an orange lip liner outline!
Product Watch: I love MAC for lip liners; their lip liner in Cherry is the perfect match for Ruby Woo – the perfect red!
First coat of lipstick: Now you finally get on to applying your chosen shade! Apply all over the lips as you normally would and ensure there is good coverage.
Product Watch: Although I love MAC for Lipsticks, Barry M also have a great range and they are long lasting too. Their Black Cherry is shade is my current favourite for nights out!
Blot: Take a cotton pad or piece of tissue, fold and place in the middle of your mouth. “Bite” down with your lips for a few seconds and then remove. There will be a fair bit of lipstick on the tissue/cotton pad; this is what we are after!
Second coat of lipstick: Now apply a second coat of lipstick, the same shade as you chose before. Ensure application is perfect as this is the last step! I find applying with a lip brush is often best to ensure you fill every nook and cranny.

I hope this guide helps you get the kiss proof lips I have been after for years!
What’s your favourite shade of lipstick at the moment?
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