Saturday, 20 April 2013

Guest Post - Selina from missfashion1994

If your future is in fashion…

Hi lovelies. Firstly I want to say thank-you to Lizzie for inviting me to do a guest post for her pretty awesome blog!
I was debating for quite a while as to what I should talk to you guys about and I asked myself, what would I want to read? Well I love reading advice and tips about how to pursue a career in fashion, so I thought I would share some favourites with you.
  • Be active. Don’t wait around for something wonderful to happen, you have to make things happen. There are so many ways to show how passionate you are, whether that be through your blog, your job, attending events and workshops etc.
  • Read. If you want a career in fashion, read magazines, fashion-based websites and blogs to stay up to date with everything that is going on. Reading will also help to improve your writing skills which are always useful. There are also books out there specifically for people who want to get into fashion, I have ‘How To Prepare For A Career In Fashion’ by Stephanie Finnan and it’s literally my holy book.
  • Social network. Use twitter and facebook to your advantage. There are so many tweets advertising for various roles such as stylists, pattern-cutters etc. A good account to follow is @ukfashionintern
  • Gain experience. The fashion industry is different to most in that experience is more credible than qualifications. It makes sense because obviously sometimes grades do not reflect how capable you are. Try and gain as much experience as possible, I’ve found so many amazing placements through
  • Don’t compare. Although it’s hard, try not to compare yourself to other people who are doing big amazing things. If you put in the hard work and commitment, your time will come.

I hope you guys find these tips helpful.
Stay stylish – Selina.

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