Saturday, 20 April 2013

My interview with Haley Key from Fourbeautifulkeys

Hello lovelies,So today I have a special surprise for you guys, I have something a little different as you guys can see from the title it's an interview with the lovely Haley Key from . I hope you lovelies enjoy :)

What made you start designing jewellery?

 I begun making jewellery as a hobby with basic beading & wire work before moving onto sheet metal designs.I found the Internet a fantastic learning tool to get started.I launched the business under two years ago.I sold my first few pieces to family & friends before moving onto various fairs/events and then onto designing the website & taking to social media to promote my brand via Pinterest.Facebook.Twitter and of course our online boutique and by social networking & word of mouth my brand has grown & on twitter has a 4100 strong following!

Who are your influences or roll models?

My business is inspired by my Christian faith and love which I incorporate into my designs...I'm a sentimental romantic with a slight touch of wackiness! I love creating meaningful...personal..unique creations and often take inspiration from my customers bespoke designs to.

How did you come up with the name?

The business is named after my four beautiful children.

Have you always felt inspired to design jewellery?

No..But I am a very creative person, I love all aspects of design & creativity from interior,art/craft to fashion .

When did you start your brand & was it hard?

Starting my business was trial & error to begin with, I learnt as I lept! The hardest part was funding,launching a business in a recession was tough and at times disheartening,but there was also lots of victories to which far out weights the hurdles and with and a love for this amazing job I get to do I press on into the future with excitement because I see amazing doors being opened for the brand to grow even more! I have had some fantastic opportunities to make some amazing pieces like the "A Way Out Charity" Necklace, which has been a privilege to have designed. As well as having my designs owned & worn by well known celebrities is fantastic!

Do you have any advice for any aspiring designers?

 Yes..My advice would prepared to work hard & persevere, do not give up at the first hurdle be dedicated & passionate believe in yourself, your product and you will succeed

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

Ohhh..I would have to say the double heart necklace...Which is also owned by TV Presenter Laura Hamilton..we personalised her piece with her name & the name of husband on the back of the necklace! (yes..i am a sentimental romantic..told you!)

What is next for the brand Four Beautiful Keys?

We will be working on some new designs of rings & bangles this year..and a few top secret things! ! so watch this space!!

Also are looking for fashion bloggers to do reviews on their products, so if you interested definitely get in contact.

Thank you so much for reading 

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