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Introducing ... House Of Halos + Exclusive Interview

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Today post is purely about an amazing Scottish designer Arlene Barclay, the owner of House of Halos  who's designs have been worn by the singer/songwriter Emili Sande. I'm really excited for you lovelies, not only to see her designs, but I also because bagged an interview with the designer aswell ?! Here are some of Arlene's pieces from her Chic and Couture portfolio via her website .

I love this piece, it reminds me of 'The Great Gatsby' 

I think you will agree when I say all here pieces are just beautiful and now for the interview!

Why and How did you become a designer ?
I started making jewellery when I was 15 (24 yrs ago) got engaged at 23 and started looking for my own wedding tiara but was disappointed with the calibre of products and designs on offer so I established "angels halos" and spent 15 years making bridal hairpieces.  I decided to close the door on that chapter in my life and launched "House of halos" In march 2012.  I've always dreamt in launching a successful global accessories label and believe House of Halos has the potential to achieve this status.

How did you begin making this collection ? What inspired it ?
Photographers or stylists lately approach me with mood boards so I just get creative but initial designs were what just came naturally to me. I never stop thinking why can I create next. Can never sit at peace, lol.

How long does it take you to design each piece ?
Totally depends the longest to date is the design "Ice" it can take in the regions of 80-120 hours of craft work dependant on size.

Did you always want to become a designer ?
A Churchill dog, "oh yes" lol. I knew at 15 what I wanted to do but just prior to that at 14 my art teacher at academy wouldn't allow me to continue with art as a chosen subject at because he said I wasn't good enough, it didn't stop me and only made me more determined.

What advice do you have to any up-coming or aspiring designers?
Never let anyone put your dreams or ambitions down and never let bad experiences get the better of you, learn from them and use them to your advantage and knowledge. Be prepared for the 'doubt gremlins' as I call them, they sneak into your own mind at times and play games with you but keep working hard and keep believing in what you do.

Is there any celebrity who you would love to wear you pieces ? And if so why ?
Im so blessed as she has already worn it! Emeli is from a suburb from my home town and I'm so so grateful she did. I'd love for Vivienne Westwood to see my work as she is just an utter inspiration in life she and I share many similar interests with helping with planet issues, I'd love to brain storm there one day with her. I want to create "House of Hope" through House of Halos success and House of Hope would help other global charities. .e my "Peace" design line would help charities like "War Child" I've got it all thought out, just need an Investor.

Emili on the right

How did it feel to have Emili Sande wear of your pieces ?
Surreal then, still surreal now. I didn't even realise initially she was wearing it as was so in awe at seeing her perform live, then my friends noticed and I just burst into tears, so grateful and was so happy.

Who are your role models ?
Vivienne Westwood and for the roles they contribute in trying to make other people's lives and situations better. Truly wish Will would also find out about me, I recently approached his "Angel Foundation" as attempted to contact him as I feel if he knew what my long term visions with House of Hope were he'd want to meet and at least hear about them. Anyone know Will's email, lol?

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