Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Jewel Mint Wishlist

Hello lovelies,
So I have known about the company Jewel Mint for such a long time & I should add I absolutely LOVE their pieces. So this post has been waaay overdue. But I have finally got round to it now, that my as-level exams are done today YAY! So I am going to show you gorgeous people not only some pieces that caught my eye but also pieces I know you will love!

Golden Guard Necklace
I love this necklace as it is gorgeous and an outfit that springs to mind is a
 crisp white or sheer coloured shirt with leather or pleather black skirt.

Golden Trinket Necklace
This is such an amazing combo as you have two necklaces in one,
what more can a girl ask for eh?!

Small Crystal Bib with Turquoise Cord
This piece reminds me so much of something that Daisy from the 'The Great Gatsby'
would wear as it is so extravagant and beautiful.

Take Flight Necklace
This is such a cute piece that I can definitely imagine wearing this 
on a casual day with  jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Golden Origami Crane Necklace

This necklace is so dainty but a really simple way to spice up a  plain white tee.

Rouge Golden Bangle
This is such so cute bangle to stack on a night out !

Arctic Blush Watch

Upton Gold Watch

And aren't these watches just gorgeous! I couldn't decide which I loved
 more so I spoiled you with both. The 1st  & the 2nd watch.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Jewel Mint Wishlist.
Until next time lovelies.


  1. I love the gold trinket necklace and the origami crane necklace! :) x


    1. I know right, so gorgeous & both pieces are very versatile! :)

  2. You have good taste in jewellery! xx