Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A special gift from Mallzee

Hello lovelies,
Today I am bringing you gorgeous people a lovely little gift today. So I have teamed up with the lovely Mallzee, an online shopping website that doesn't only bring you the hottest brands but also makes shopping sociable!

So how does it work? You ask! Well you start with a short quiz, quite like a handpicking your personal style.

You then choose your favourite retailers (Which maybe all of them, as they have a wide range of amazing brands!)

After shopping to your hearts desire, Mallzee has built a virtual wardrobe for you lovelies, to store all your potential items. Also their stylists will even recommend items to go with your choices!

So your wondering what is the special gift is!? Well you special reader, can get exclusive VIP membership with Mallzee, free of charge! All you have to do, is follow this link and you will automatically get VIP membership. 

So what is stopping you join today! 

Until next time lovelies

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