Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fashion Blogger Competition

Hello lovelies,
So today I am going to talk to you fashionista's on saving money for fashion. I'm all about saving money for a good shopping spree! So today I am going to write a few ways on saving money or getting discounts!

1.  Social Media- Following all your favourite stores on their social media outlets are amazing, as they usually announce their sales (pre-advertisements e.g. on tv), online sales, competitions and discount codes! Which is an amazing tip that every savvy shopper should do!

2.    Ebay - Ebay is a great site that has amazing, dupes, clothes & accessories, but you still have to be wary          as you may think a product is fairly cheap but then look at postage charge and see its quite hefty! (Also there are quite a few fakes).

3.  Competitions -  They are amazing to enter as you can win a varied about of clothes and goodies, so why not try it, you may win!

4.  Reward Cards- If you have been shopping with a particular brand for a long time or you love the brand, why not invest in a reward card for their shop. As most cards have a system where if you spend a particular amount in that shop you can build points and get rewards! e.g. vouchers.

5. Fashion Vouchers- Are what they say on the tin, there fashion vouchers that you can use instead of money, e.g. Fashion vouchers.

6. NUS / UCAS cards - If you are a student theses cards are your best friend! As you can discount off most of your favourite stores( but do check the stores),

7. Blog Sales/Clothes swap (swishing) - Is a great way of finding new clothes and it is a growing trend, so why not get involved! Here are some websites I found Swishing, Swap Style  ,  Big Wardrobe .

8. Shop on the high street - I know this is an oblivious one, but each year the high street brands bring us amazing patterns, designs and designer dupes.

9. Markets or Boutiques - Are great as you can find unique and gorgeous pieces that you can't find anywhere else & you have the leg room to bargain with price!

10. Saving account - Where are you banking? Maybe open up a savings account and put in a bit of money each month.

I hope this has helped you lovelies
Until next time hunnies


  1. I've never heard the term swishing before - will definitely be checking it out!

    Isabella x


    1. Yeah you definitely should hun, and tell me how you find it xx