Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Oasis Sale Wishlist

Hello fashionista's,
So I know you lovely readers like a good bargain (well who doesn't!), so today I am going to bring you my favourite picks from the Oasis Sale collection. I will be talking about each item on the wishlist and how to possible style them/why I choose them.

I love this leopard print skirt, it's so cute and it reminds me of Mercedes from Hollyoaks (who I love, as her style is gorgeous and her clothes always fit her perfectly!). I would wear this with maybe a plain crop top or a sheer top with a red belt; (and in the winter a white polo neck,black leather jacket and some gold accessories). As you know I am loving orange, so that is why I had to add this orange skater skirt, and I love that its bright (& perfect for a casual sunny day!). Sunglasses are a necessity in a wishlist and I thought they looks really cool. I love the navy top with the ribbed cream collar, as its so cute and perfect to dress up jeans. The shorts are so versatile to style and they remind me of my Zara leggings that I used to love. This could be a perfect item if your going for the nautical theme, with a striped blue and white sheer top and a red bag (for a pop of colour).

As there were so many nice things on Oasis, I decided to do a part 2. I love waterfall type jackets as there an ideal jacket to where when the weather is a little chilly and I love items that are cream/white. The yellow dress with the white collar, seems very 60's with a vintage vibe to it; that could go well with everything from pumps to heels. I love this blue lace dress,which if you can remember I incorporated it in my 'Worldwide Wardrobe Competition' entry which I still love! The neon green/yellow dress is just lovely, I love mesh and it's definitely a girlie 'going out outfit'. And the last pink dress is just gorgeous, it's definitely my style and I love the lines around the mesh area. Perfect for a lunch or dinner outfit. 
So that is it,
 I hope you enjoyed this post
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Orient Expression - Robb Repport

Hello lovelies,
So today I bring you yet another editorial post via (because you know how I love a good editorial!). Today it is called Orient Expression by Robb Repport (hence the title of this post). So why am I this post you ask? Well 1. It stood out to me on the website & 2. It oozes 'Old Hollywood Glamour' which I LOVE! The model for this shoot is Marios Lekkas and the photographer is David Roemer.

I hope you enjoyed this glossy post.
Until next time lovelies

Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 6 & 7 of YJA

Hello lovelies
So this is my concluding post to my YJA diaries, as the summer school was only a week :(. I had an immense time, I met so many amazing individuals and found a great bunch of friends (that I know will go far!). So let me give you readers, a recap on Day 6 & Day 7.

On Day 6 we had an evening session on 'Radio Journalism' with Will Vernon the producer of BBC Radio 4's - The World Tonight, which was really interesting to get a session on radio journalism, as it is definitely my cup of tea (as it is more the field, I want to get into). And something I noticed through all the sessions we had, were that most of the professionals that came to talk to us, didn't necessarily study the 'conventional' subjects to get into journalism or media. For instance Will studied Russian Studies an Exeter university and he had previous jobs publishing magazines, translating brewing manuals and interpreter to the president of  a gold mining company! During Will's session we learnt about ways of covering news and what are the components a good radio show.

On the concluding Day 7, we had a jam-packed day! Starting with a session with Sahar Halaimzai for Pen International, who spoke to us about how Pen International work- their a humans rights organisation that support and protect anyone who uses written word and are prosecuted for it. Their motto is 'Promoting Literature, Defending Freedom of Expression', (which as an aspiring journalist I find inspiring and I am glad such establishment is around!). Pen International not only campaign on behalf of individuals, work closely with media/press and high profile people(writers/journalists) but they also have a human rights school in central Asia.

After break we had a session with Wannabe Hacks - Natalie Clarkson and Jenni Graham. Natalie has a lot of experience in the field, getting work experience at Sugar at only 15! She has experience at Staffs Live,NME, NUJ, The Echo, Pits n Pots and Go Think Big. Wannabe Hacks is a really interesting website as all the content is produced by aspiring journalist! Their session was on how to get work experience where we learnt really insightful tips on the different ways of getting a work placement in the journalism/media field (that applies to most fields), so if you would to have tips on CV or resume writing to work placements, definitely visit Wannabe Hacks!

The last session we had was an exciting one from Steve Forrest  on Photo journalism! Steve was really interesting as he has been literally across the globe and works for the New York Times as a freelance photographer. In the past he has taken pictures of Agyness Deyn, Danny Boyle, Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry and many more! What gave me a piece of mind, that you can find a job you enjoy, is that Steve started being a professional photo journalist when he was 30 (And look at how he's relishing at it now!). It gives me hope for the rest of us haha!

So that's it lovelies,
the concluding post to my YJA diaries
(sorry about having no picture, I know pictures make a post, well there's always next time :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 5 of YJA

Hello lovelies,
So yesterday was an eventful, exciting and interesting day! In the morning we met up and headed off to Bloomsberg News HQ (which was amazing as their building is beautiful!) to hear Mark Gilbert (London Bureau Chief ) speak. Mark gave us an insight into how it works in Bloomberg, tips on how to be a good journalist and what goes into making an eye-catching headline. The task we were set for this session was to interview our partner, find out something interesting about them and make an amazing headline.

My headline - "Girl publishes controversial article in school newsletter even though school resists!" 

My headline with from Mark Gilbert - "Books Not Bricks" or " Girl battles school to get updated books! "

After Bloomsburg we made our way to Google UK Ltd which was pretty cool as it was very colourful! We had a delicious lunch, followed by an 'Opinion writing' session, directed by Mike Humes (previously editor of Living Marxism, columnist for The Times and editor for Spiked). In Mick Humes session, we were asked to write a piece (in our opinion) whether the western world should respond to the Syria crisis and if so/not then why.

"I strongly believe that the western world should intervene in Syria, as the country and the people are dying rapidly. But this time instead of charging in all guns blazing, they should think of helping restore the country, as it will be beneficial for them in the long run, for example trade. Even though I understand why the western world is wary, as an intervention, may start another world war. Regardless of this, if all or most of the countries in the western world would help Syria, in their time of need, there could be positive result and prevent a world or nuclear war."

Last but not least, we had Anthony House (Manger, Public Policy and Communications of Google UK) spoke to us about his career at Google, what it entails to be in PR for a major brand like Google and we got to have a Q & A session with him at the end!

And that is Day 5 of my YJA diary post.
Sorry I didn't take any pictures yesterday but I hope you still enjoyed it.
Until next time lovelies

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Day 3 & 4 of YJA

Hello lovelies,
So as you can tell my previous post, I am doing a diary of my time at YJA that I hope you guys will enjoy and find theses posts interesting, also I would like to say that YJA is an great opportunity especially if you want to be a journalist or anything to do with media, so definitely get involved with it, or start thinking about it for next year!


Was the turn of TV critic for the Sun, Ally Ross to be the guest speaker the evening session, where he recommended a book for us all the read, told us a brief overview of what it is like to be a TV critic and what his normal day entails researching or shall I say watching TV shows (which he does for roughly 12 hours per day!), to write about in his column.

Here is my piece that I wrote in his session.

"Last week the four part ITV drama, Southcliffe concluded. And here is what I thought about it. About a month ago advertisements for the drama surfaced on ITV, and usually ITV airs good dramas for example, Broadchurch. A show that I love because it kept me hooked, made me intrigued(that I never missed one episode and always watched it the day it was air) and one that I made my whole family and a few friends watch. But Southcliffe was different, it was alot darker(which intrigued me). A show I found myself watching by myself, the day after it aired. And even though I tried to convince my sister to watch it with me, I wasn't as interested in it. The first 3 episodes were interesting following the victims,of a lonely man who shot them Stephen Morton. But the last left me deflated"

Here is my ootd

Sheer shirt- Boohoo
Navy trousers -Dorothy Perkins
Silver shoes - Next


Day 4 brought Jonny Ensall, the music editor of Time Out London.  Who was really interesting and spoke to us about tips he has learnt through the years he has been in the industry, the history of Time Out London and his career (including working for Varsity, Clash and The List). The piece of writing we were assigned to do (under timed conditions again) was a music review of Nothankyou - Know yourself. Here is the piece I wrote.

" When you first hear the song by Nothankyou, it sounds like it is being sung through a diffuser in the beginning. But the prominent drum beat throughout grew on me. Alga, the only vocalist on the track has a slightly high pitch alternative voice. That reminds me of a song I could hear browsing through the clothes racks of Urban Outfitters, as it has that dark basement club feel."

After the session had finished, I went to speak to Jonny and even got a picture with him! (Excuse my cringeworthy smile!)

We also were given a copy of Mick Hume's book 'There is No Such Thing As a Free Press' !

I hope your enjoying these series of posts :)
Until next time lovelies

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 1 & 2 of YJA

Hello lovelies,
So for one whole week, I have the opportunity to go the YJA (Young Journalist Academy) based in London  but mainly Canary Wharf. The first day started on Saturday the 17 of August where we got a tour inside the Canary Wharf Group building by the one and only Howard Dawber! Then as we were leaving they handed us some goodies(personalised usb,pen and a gift card for Canary Wharf Mall with £5 worth on it!). After we had a 'How to write and interview' session with Brendan O'Neill and Patrick Hayes, a session with Anne Jolis on how it feels to report in conflict zones and article writing with Mick Humes! A busy and exciting day that was, unfortunately I didn't take an ootd but I do have a photo of the Canary Wharf Group building.

Canary Wharf Group (middle)

The view from inside looking out

Here are some examples of the pieces I wrote on the day (Bare in mind I only had a few minutes to write these).

"Over the decades interns have been portrayed as poor little souls, who get treated unfairly by their bosses but, is this the case? Are interns being paid too little? From a young age, I have had this quote 'no-one said it would be easy' which has made me not expect great opportunities to land on my doorstep. Are we turning into a nanny state? "

" Why Dominika is so interesting, is because she is quite an active young person who has been in a few demonstrations for being anti-animal cruelty. And as a result, works alongside a campaigning group - Shac,  who are regularly demonstrating in central London. The reason why journalism is not only Dominika's passion but also animals, is because she has a pet dog Milka(named after the chocolate) who lives in Poland (where she is originally from). Dominika is also a student who has not only finished college but is now going on to study multi-media journalism at Suffolk university. "

"Child obesity is a growing problem in Britain today, that doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. The 'couch potato culture' is the result of 80 percent of children who do not consume a balanced diet of five daily portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But instead chump,swallow and guzzle down chocolates,sweets and soft drinks everyday. Simon Gillespie of the BHF (British Heart Foundation) calls this 'pretty bleak and totally unacceptable'. Adding children are increasing their chances of developing coronary heart disease in later life"

Day 2 

Day 2 was an evening session on Monday the 19th of August, where Ailbhe Malone a writer from Buzzfeed UK came in to talk to us about what her job now entails, a little background knowledge into what she has done in career in the past. Which I really enjoyed and I had some time to take some pictures of my surrounding and do an ootd!

Shoes - Next
Dress- Missguided
Blazer- A lovely gift from Lasula Boutique

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies
as there is more, where this came from :)
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Marks and Spencers - Win a holiday wardrobe competition!

Hello lovelies,
So earlier this week I received a lovely email from Megan a Propellernet (for M&S online) asking me if I wanted to enter their competition to win a holiday wardrobe of my choice and of course I jumped at the chance! So here are my outfits.

I call this the blogger outfit, as it is one that reminds me of Sammi from Beautycrush so much and also it is a really simple and versatile outfit that anyone can put together and emulate that is why it is called the 'Everyday' dress. I would probably wear this outfit to New York, for a more casual day consisting of going to Starbucks to pick up a caramel frappuccino then going to a sample sale or an art gallery.

This would be perfect for the streets of Monaco is your having a casual shopping day or just want to see the sights. As the dress is lightweight, the sandals are flat (perfect for walking around), an orange bag(because I love orange, as you guys know from my previous post) and for a pop of colour and sunglasses (because you always need those!)

This would be a cute outfit for lunch in Italy as it is flirty and very feminine. I know it is very matchy matchy but I loved the Michael Kors small messenger bag and I think matchy matchy done right is quite cute! Also it doesn't hurt that the colour is red, as it has connotations to love and passion and I mean you will be in Italy!

My last outfit is a little different, it reminds me of the an editorial for Free People as it has a lot of brown in it; and I think it has an american 'girl next door' on the move feel about it. I would perhaps wear this in Paris on a relaxed day, finding little gems in the local market.

So those are my outfits, I hope you liked them.
Also you can get involved by entering the competition (which ends today at midnight!).  
Until next time lovelies

         PS all the dresses can be found on the M&S website!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Free People Wishlist

Hello lovelies,
Today I am doing my Free People wishlist, I have loved Free People for so longgg! I am not really sure why I haven't done a wishlist sooner but I am doing one now, so thats all that matters!

 What I have just realised is I love alot of embroidery pieces, and you can tell from my wishlist!? I love the embroidery shoes as there a really gorgeous piece to accessorise with a cute dress or to dress up a casual outfit like a shirt and jeans. I love the embroidery white jacket as I think its such a beautiful piece and I would love to style it. The maxi dress is so  hippy chic but I love it, as it is uber feminine with the cut-out on the back and the frilled slit on the leg(perfect for the summer weather). The black mini dress is sexy and quirky and perfect for a night out or dinner. And finally last but not least, the silver embroidery dress is so cute! It is so me and it can definitely be worn all year round.

Until next time

Friday, 9 August 2013

Is the pixie cut back!?

Beyonce's new look

Hello lovelies,
So everyone from blogger to magazines, have been taking about Beyonce's new pixie cut (which she posted on her Instagram- earlier this month) and comparing her Rihanna's black pixie cut(below). Personally I prefer Beyonce when she has longer hair but I think the pixie cut is cute on her (as it is so in right now!). Also I can understand why she cut, if she wanted a bit of a change. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture (above) is wow she really looks like an actress; maybe because now we can see her feature more. So I thought in honour of Beyonce's new hairdo, I should remind you trend-setters of other celebrities who have sported the pixie cut now and over the years.

I think Rihanna looks so pretty, as she is not only sporting the pixie cut and a bold lip but also gorgeous lavished lashes, which is a perfect way for styling effortlessly chic!

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is a style icon to most fashionista's and aspiring fashion designer, and I think this hair cut suits her as it is easy to maintain on the go, jet-setting around the globe!

Lena Dunham
I really like Lena the creator and actress of the hit US tv show 'Girls' as she seems really cool, fun and I like her I-don't-care attitude, on and off screen.

Frankie Sandford
I really like Frankie from 'The Saturday', this cut really suits her I think but (I know the dreaded BUT!) I think she may have outgrown this hairstyle, as she is going into the next chapter of her life expecting a baby boy and getting married!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus all grown up! I am really digging Miley's new attitude and style, I think its fun/edgy and bless she's only young, she's just trying to have fun and enjoy her life! The only thing I will say is, I wish she played out the 'hollywood glamour look' that she wore to the last years Vanity Fair, as she looked beautiful (But I understand maybe she wants to go through the rebellious stage before, being seen as more refined and classic)

Ashlee Simpson
I found this picture of Ashlee Simpson and even though she isn't in the public eye as much, I knew I had to add this, as she looks so pretty, her hair looked like it took no time at all and her make-up is so minimal! It's just a lovely example of how to style a natural look.

Carey Mulligan 
Carey is an actress that has had her hairstyle short for so long, I think it would be a shock to see her grow it out. But recently I read on Marie Claire that she had a 'run-in with a bottle or peroxide left her tresses ruined'  ( :/ oh crickey now I feel bad).  As I said earlier though, the pro's of a short hair cut is it's easy to maintain, she's used to it and she likes it (so that's the important thing right!)

Charlize Theron

Charlize is a beautiful woman, who would look stunning in a bin bag! So of course I had to add her in my mini list. She really knows how to work a really difficult hair cut and pull it of beautifully! (Also similarity to Beyonces new haircut)
Nene Leakes
I love Nene whether she is on Real Housewives, Glee or The new normal! And I think this blonde cut suits her perfectly as she loves to stand out and be the center of attention but not in a tacky way!

Audrey Hepburn
And last but certainly not least, we have Miss Hepburn which I could never leave out of this post. She really knew how to make a short hairstyle in a trend and I really like this style on her as I recently watched Roman Holiday for the first time (Which I loved and I don't really know how I hadn't watched it earlier!) where in the film she sneaks out of her palace (she's a princess btw) and gets her hair cut in rebellion (where this picture is taken from).

What do you think of Beyonce's new hairstyle?  Have you ever sported the pixie look?
I hope you have enjoyed this post
Until next time lovelies

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Avenue 32: My favourite picks

Hello lovelies,
So today I am bringing you my favourite picks from Avenue 32. The first looks are from  J.W Anderson collection . I always knew of J.W Anderson as a designer but I only were intrigued with him after watching his interview .

Casual Lunch Outfit (J.W Anderson jumper)

Evening out with the girls (J.W Anderson leather skirt)

The next designer Preen by Thornton Bregazzi @ Avenue 32. I love the collection as the pieces are gorgeous and really versatile (which I love!). Also I love the splashes of tartan on the shirt ( mega  cute).

Going out for cocktails (Thornton Bregazzi jacket)

Day Look (Thornton Bregazzi shirt)

 I had to include Cedric Charlier pieces as they are 1. GORGEOUS! 2. Really elegant and lovely pieces to have in your wardrobe.

Day/Night outfit (Cedric Charlier jacket)

Dinner ensemble (Cedric Charlier green jacket)

Michaela Buerger is an amazing designer who makes really chic crotchet clothing!

Lunch outfit (Micheala Buerger sweater)
So I thought it would only be fair to add a lovely jewellery collection, Sarah Chloe. This collection is also so amazing as a few pieces are customizable (top left and bottom middle) which is an added bonus right!?

All the pieces you can find on Avenue 32 website
I hope you enjoyed this post
until next time