Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 1 & 2 of YJA

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So for one whole week, I have the opportunity to go the YJA (Young Journalist Academy) based in London  but mainly Canary Wharf. The first day started on Saturday the 17 of August where we got a tour inside the Canary Wharf Group building by the one and only Howard Dawber! Then as we were leaving they handed us some goodies(personalised usb,pen and a gift card for Canary Wharf Mall with £5 worth on it!). After we had a 'How to write and interview' session with Brendan O'Neill and Patrick Hayes, a session with Anne Jolis on how it feels to report in conflict zones and article writing with Mick Humes! A busy and exciting day that was, unfortunately I didn't take an ootd but I do have a photo of the Canary Wharf Group building.

Canary Wharf Group (middle)

The view from inside looking out

Here are some examples of the pieces I wrote on the day (Bare in mind I only had a few minutes to write these).

"Over the decades interns have been portrayed as poor little souls, who get treated unfairly by their bosses but, is this the case? Are interns being paid too little? From a young age, I have had this quote 'no-one said it would be easy' which has made me not expect great opportunities to land on my doorstep. Are we turning into a nanny state? "

" Why Dominika is so interesting, is because she is quite an active young person who has been in a few demonstrations for being anti-animal cruelty. And as a result, works alongside a campaigning group - Shac,  who are regularly demonstrating in central London. The reason why journalism is not only Dominika's passion but also animals, is because she has a pet dog Milka(named after the chocolate) who lives in Poland (where she is originally from). Dominika is also a student who has not only finished college but is now going on to study multi-media journalism at Suffolk university. "

"Child obesity is a growing problem in Britain today, that doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. The 'couch potato culture' is the result of 80 percent of children who do not consume a balanced diet of five daily portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But instead chump,swallow and guzzle down chocolates,sweets and soft drinks everyday. Simon Gillespie of the BHF (British Heart Foundation) calls this 'pretty bleak and totally unacceptable'. Adding children are increasing their chances of developing coronary heart disease in later life"

Day 2 

Day 2 was an evening session on Monday the 19th of August, where Ailbhe Malone a writer from Buzzfeed UK came in to talk to us about what her job now entails, a little background knowledge into what she has done in career in the past. Which I really enjoyed and I had some time to take some pictures of my surrounding and do an ootd!

Shoes - Next
Dress- Missguided
Blazer- A lovely gift from Lasula Boutique

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as there is more, where this came from :)
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