Thursday, 22 August 2013

Day 3 & 4 of YJA

Hello lovelies,
So as you can tell my previous post, I am doing a diary of my time at YJA that I hope you guys will enjoy and find theses posts interesting, also I would like to say that YJA is an great opportunity especially if you want to be a journalist or anything to do with media, so definitely get involved with it, or start thinking about it for next year!


Was the turn of TV critic for the Sun, Ally Ross to be the guest speaker the evening session, where he recommended a book for us all the read, told us a brief overview of what it is like to be a TV critic and what his normal day entails researching or shall I say watching TV shows (which he does for roughly 12 hours per day!), to write about in his column.

Here is my piece that I wrote in his session.

"Last week the four part ITV drama, Southcliffe concluded. And here is what I thought about it. About a month ago advertisements for the drama surfaced on ITV, and usually ITV airs good dramas for example, Broadchurch. A show that I love because it kept me hooked, made me intrigued(that I never missed one episode and always watched it the day it was air) and one that I made my whole family and a few friends watch. But Southcliffe was different, it was alot darker(which intrigued me). A show I found myself watching by myself, the day after it aired. And even though I tried to convince my sister to watch it with me, I wasn't as interested in it. The first 3 episodes were interesting following the victims,of a lonely man who shot them Stephen Morton. But the last left me deflated"

Here is my ootd

Sheer shirt- Boohoo
Navy trousers -Dorothy Perkins
Silver shoes - Next


Day 4 brought Jonny Ensall, the music editor of Time Out London.  Who was really interesting and spoke to us about tips he has learnt through the years he has been in the industry, the history of Time Out London and his career (including working for Varsity, Clash and The List). The piece of writing we were assigned to do (under timed conditions again) was a music review of Nothankyou - Know yourself. Here is the piece I wrote.

" When you first hear the song by Nothankyou, it sounds like it is being sung through a diffuser in the beginning. But the prominent drum beat throughout grew on me. Alga, the only vocalist on the track has a slightly high pitch alternative voice. That reminds me of a song I could hear browsing through the clothes racks of Urban Outfitters, as it has that dark basement club feel."

After the session had finished, I went to speak to Jonny and even got a picture with him! (Excuse my cringeworthy smile!)

We also were given a copy of Mick Hume's book 'There is No Such Thing As a Free Press' !

I hope your enjoying these series of posts :)
Until next time lovelies

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