Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 5 of YJA

Hello lovelies,
So yesterday was an eventful, exciting and interesting day! In the morning we met up and headed off to Bloomsberg News HQ (which was amazing as their building is beautiful!) to hear Mark Gilbert (London Bureau Chief ) speak. Mark gave us an insight into how it works in Bloomberg, tips on how to be a good journalist and what goes into making an eye-catching headline. The task we were set for this session was to interview our partner, find out something interesting about them and make an amazing headline.

My headline - "Girl publishes controversial article in school newsletter even though school resists!" 

My headline with from Mark Gilbert - "Books Not Bricks" or " Girl battles school to get updated books! "

After Bloomsburg we made our way to Google UK Ltd which was pretty cool as it was very colourful! We had a delicious lunch, followed by an 'Opinion writing' session, directed by Mike Humes (previously editor of Living Marxism, columnist for The Times and editor for Spiked). In Mick Humes session, we were asked to write a piece (in our opinion) whether the western world should respond to the Syria crisis and if so/not then why.

"I strongly believe that the western world should intervene in Syria, as the country and the people are dying rapidly. But this time instead of charging in all guns blazing, they should think of helping restore the country, as it will be beneficial for them in the long run, for example trade. Even though I understand why the western world is wary, as an intervention, may start another world war. Regardless of this, if all or most of the countries in the western world would help Syria, in their time of need, there could be positive result and prevent a world or nuclear war."

Last but not least, we had Anthony House (Manger, Public Policy and Communications of Google UK) spoke to us about his career at Google, what it entails to be in PR for a major brand like Google and we got to have a Q & A session with him at the end!

And that is Day 5 of my YJA diary post.
Sorry I didn't take any pictures yesterday but I hope you still enjoyed it.
Until next time lovelies

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