Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 6 & 7 of YJA

Hello lovelies
So this is my concluding post to my YJA diaries, as the summer school was only a week :(. I had an immense time, I met so many amazing individuals and found a great bunch of friends (that I know will go far!). So let me give you readers, a recap on Day 6 & Day 7.

On Day 6 we had an evening session on 'Radio Journalism' with Will Vernon the producer of BBC Radio 4's - The World Tonight, which was really interesting to get a session on radio journalism, as it is definitely my cup of tea (as it is more the field, I want to get into). And something I noticed through all the sessions we had, were that most of the professionals that came to talk to us, didn't necessarily study the 'conventional' subjects to get into journalism or media. For instance Will studied Russian Studies an Exeter university and he had previous jobs publishing magazines, translating brewing manuals and interpreter to the president of  a gold mining company! During Will's session we learnt about ways of covering news and what are the components a good radio show.

On the concluding Day 7, we had a jam-packed day! Starting with a session with Sahar Halaimzai for Pen International, who spoke to us about how Pen International work- their a humans rights organisation that support and protect anyone who uses written word and are prosecuted for it. Their motto is 'Promoting Literature, Defending Freedom of Expression', (which as an aspiring journalist I find inspiring and I am glad such establishment is around!). Pen International not only campaign on behalf of individuals, work closely with media/press and high profile people(writers/journalists) but they also have a human rights school in central Asia.

After break we had a session with Wannabe Hacks - Natalie Clarkson and Jenni Graham. Natalie has a lot of experience in the field, getting work experience at Sugar at only 15! She has experience at Staffs Live,NME, NUJ, The Echo, Pits n Pots and Go Think Big. Wannabe Hacks is a really interesting website as all the content is produced by aspiring journalist! Their session was on how to get work experience where we learnt really insightful tips on the different ways of getting a work placement in the journalism/media field (that applies to most fields), so if you would to have tips on CV or resume writing to work placements, definitely visit Wannabe Hacks!

The last session we had was an exciting one from Steve Forrest  on Photo journalism! Steve was really interesting as he has been literally across the globe and works for the New York Times as a freelance photographer. In the past he has taken pictures of Agyness Deyn, Danny Boyle, Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry and many more! What gave me a piece of mind, that you can find a job you enjoy, is that Steve started being a professional photo journalist when he was 30 (And look at how he's relishing at it now!). It gives me hope for the rest of us haha!

So that's it lovelies,
the concluding post to my YJA diaries
(sorry about having no picture, I know pictures make a post, well there's always next time :)

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