Saturday, 10 August 2013

Free People Wishlist

Hello lovelies,
Today I am doing my Free People wishlist, I have loved Free People for so longgg! I am not really sure why I haven't done a wishlist sooner but I am doing one now, so thats all that matters!

 What I have just realised is I love alot of embroidery pieces, and you can tell from my wishlist!? I love the embroidery shoes as there a really gorgeous piece to accessorise with a cute dress or to dress up a casual outfit like a shirt and jeans. I love the embroidery white jacket as I think its such a beautiful piece and I would love to style it. The maxi dress is so  hippy chic but I love it, as it is uber feminine with the cut-out on the back and the frilled slit on the leg(perfect for the summer weather). The black mini dress is sexy and quirky and perfect for a night out or dinner. And finally last but not least, the silver embroidery dress is so cute! It is so me and it can definitely be worn all year round.

Until next time


  1. I LOVE the silver dress, as you said it could be worn all year... it's very cute.

    Lovely blog btw darling, now following :D


    1. Aw I am glad you liked the post & thank you so much hun x