Friday, 9 August 2013

Is the pixie cut back!?

Beyonce's new look

Hello lovelies,
So everyone from blogger to magazines, have been taking about Beyonce's new pixie cut (which she posted on her Instagram- earlier this month) and comparing her Rihanna's black pixie cut(below). Personally I prefer Beyonce when she has longer hair but I think the pixie cut is cute on her (as it is so in right now!). Also I can understand why she cut, if she wanted a bit of a change. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture (above) is wow she really looks like an actress; maybe because now we can see her feature more. So I thought in honour of Beyonce's new hairdo, I should remind you trend-setters of other celebrities who have sported the pixie cut now and over the years.

I think Rihanna looks so pretty, as she is not only sporting the pixie cut and a bold lip but also gorgeous lavished lashes, which is a perfect way for styling effortlessly chic!

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is a style icon to most fashionista's and aspiring fashion designer, and I think this hair cut suits her as it is easy to maintain on the go, jet-setting around the globe!

Lena Dunham
I really like Lena the creator and actress of the hit US tv show 'Girls' as she seems really cool, fun and I like her I-don't-care attitude, on and off screen.

Frankie Sandford
I really like Frankie from 'The Saturday', this cut really suits her I think but (I know the dreaded BUT!) I think she may have outgrown this hairstyle, as she is going into the next chapter of her life expecting a baby boy and getting married!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus all grown up! I am really digging Miley's new attitude and style, I think its fun/edgy and bless she's only young, she's just trying to have fun and enjoy her life! The only thing I will say is, I wish she played out the 'hollywood glamour look' that she wore to the last years Vanity Fair, as she looked beautiful (But I understand maybe she wants to go through the rebellious stage before, being seen as more refined and classic)

Ashlee Simpson
I found this picture of Ashlee Simpson and even though she isn't in the public eye as much, I knew I had to add this, as she looks so pretty, her hair looked like it took no time at all and her make-up is so minimal! It's just a lovely example of how to style a natural look.

Carey Mulligan 
Carey is an actress that has had her hairstyle short for so long, I think it would be a shock to see her grow it out. But recently I read on Marie Claire that she had a 'run-in with a bottle or peroxide left her tresses ruined'  ( :/ oh crickey now I feel bad).  As I said earlier though, the pro's of a short hair cut is it's easy to maintain, she's used to it and she likes it (so that's the important thing right!)

Charlize Theron

Charlize is a beautiful woman, who would look stunning in a bin bag! So of course I had to add her in my mini list. She really knows how to work a really difficult hair cut and pull it of beautifully! (Also similarity to Beyonces new haircut)
Nene Leakes
I love Nene whether she is on Real Housewives, Glee or The new normal! And I think this blonde cut suits her perfectly as she loves to stand out and be the center of attention but not in a tacky way!

Audrey Hepburn
And last but certainly not least, we have Miss Hepburn which I could never leave out of this post. She really knew how to make a short hairstyle in a trend and I really like this style on her as I recently watched Roman Holiday for the first time (Which I loved and I don't really know how I hadn't watched it earlier!) where in the film she sneaks out of her palace (she's a princess btw) and gets her hair cut in rebellion (where this picture is taken from).

What do you think of Beyonce's new hairstyle?  Have you ever sported the pixie look?
I hope you have enjoyed this post
Until next time lovelies

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