Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Marks and Spencers - Win a holiday wardrobe competition!

Hello lovelies,
So earlier this week I received a lovely email from Megan a Propellernet (for M&S online) asking me if I wanted to enter their competition to win a holiday wardrobe of my choice and of course I jumped at the chance! So here are my outfits.

I call this the blogger outfit, as it is one that reminds me of Sammi from Beautycrush so much and also it is a really simple and versatile outfit that anyone can put together and emulate that is why it is called the 'Everyday' dress. I would probably wear this outfit to New York, for a more casual day consisting of going to Starbucks to pick up a caramel frappuccino then going to a sample sale or an art gallery.

This would be perfect for the streets of Monaco is your having a casual shopping day or just want to see the sights. As the dress is lightweight, the sandals are flat (perfect for walking around), an orange bag(because I love orange, as you guys know from my previous post) and for a pop of colour and sunglasses (because you always need those!)

This would be a cute outfit for lunch in Italy as it is flirty and very feminine. I know it is very matchy matchy but I loved the Michael Kors small messenger bag and I think matchy matchy done right is quite cute! Also it doesn't hurt that the colour is red, as it has connotations to love and passion and I mean you will be in Italy!

My last outfit is a little different, it reminds me of the an editorial for Free People as it has a lot of brown in it; and I think it has an american 'girl next door' on the move feel about it. I would perhaps wear this in Paris on a relaxed day, finding little gems in the local market.

So those are my outfits, I hope you liked them.
Also you can get involved by entering the competition (which ends today at midnight!).  
Until next time lovelies

         PS all the dresses can be found on the M&S website!

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