Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Oasis Sale Wishlist

Hello fashionista's,
So I know you lovely readers like a good bargain (well who doesn't!), so today I am going to bring you my favourite picks from the Oasis Sale collection. I will be talking about each item on the wishlist and how to possible style them/why I choose them.

I love this leopard print skirt, it's so cute and it reminds me of Mercedes from Hollyoaks (who I love, as her style is gorgeous and her clothes always fit her perfectly!). I would wear this with maybe a plain crop top or a sheer top with a red belt; (and in the winter a white polo neck,black leather jacket and some gold accessories). As you know I am loving orange, so that is why I had to add this orange skater skirt, and I love that its bright (& perfect for a casual sunny day!). Sunglasses are a necessity in a wishlist and I thought they looks really cool. I love the navy top with the ribbed cream collar, as its so cute and perfect to dress up jeans. The shorts are so versatile to style and they remind me of my Zara leggings that I used to love. This could be a perfect item if your going for the nautical theme, with a striped blue and white sheer top and a red bag (for a pop of colour).

As there were so many nice things on Oasis, I decided to do a part 2. I love waterfall type jackets as there an ideal jacket to where when the weather is a little chilly and I love items that are cream/white. The yellow dress with the white collar, seems very 60's with a vintage vibe to it; that could go well with everything from pumps to heels. I love this blue lace dress,which if you can remember I incorporated it in my 'Worldwide Wardrobe Competition' entry which I still love! The neon green/yellow dress is just lovely, I love mesh and it's definitely a girlie 'going out outfit'. And the last pink dress is just gorgeous, it's definitely my style and I love the lines around the mesh area. Perfect for a lunch or dinner outfit. 
So that is it,
 I hope you enjoyed this post
Until next time.

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