Friday, 27 September 2013

Review - In Real Life

Hello lovelies,
Last sunday, I had the opportunity to go the 'In Real Life' premiere with my media class. Which I was really interested in as I watched the trailer and it looked really good & Jon Snow was going to be there (conducting the Q & A after)! Also Jon sat right behind me during the screening and I was starstruck! The documentary was shot in during christmas time and most of the people that were featuring in the film, were actually at the screening too! The director of the documentary is Beeban Kidron, who I was also interested to see, as she was the director of Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason, Cinderella (tv movie) + various other amazing things. The documentary included various first account stories from teenagers, relating to the internet like internet dating and technology e.g. blackberry's. Also the film had comments from the founder of EA sports, Wiki Leaks, novelist/blogger, MIT media people and a worker from Google.

Beeban's aims for the documentary was that she wanted to start a conversation. And I think this film definitely meets her aim, as it shows capitalism by companies and shows another side to the internet, not only the 'commercialised love' of online dating, but a realistic view of it. It definitely challenges the pro-internet view and makes you really about how society has changed and rapidly evolved. Some of the things/issues that came up, were that our generation is quite open about personal things. Also most teenagers spend 5 hours (minimum) a day on the internet and they check their social media 150-200 times everyday! (Which I am guilty to doing)

 Finally a good tip (if you didn't know already is) employers/colleges/university do check the internet to see whether applicants are a worthy candidate, so keep that it mind lovelies!

Until next time.

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