Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mint Velvet Feature

Hello fashionista's,
so today I bring you Mint Velvet, a gorgeous womenswear company (online + in stores). I discovered this store randomly via twitter and I just fell in love with their clothes! So of course I had to share (because I am kind), so now I am going to show you some of my favourite finds!

Grey Asymmetric Wool Coat

The reason why I love this coat is because it has a really simplistic look to it, that can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion. Also its a neutral for all you girlies that don't like bold colours, so it can be quite versatile and a everyday coat (and perfect for keeping warm against that winter chill!)

                                     Gunmetal Ombre Sequin Maxi Dress

The next one piece is a guilty pleasure, either a love or loathe dress - as it does remind me of 'Dreams Girls' the film but in a good way, its definitely a show stopper and with Christmas coming up - why not! (A perfect way to be festive and show off your figure)

                                  Ivory Lace Panel Cowl Neck Knit

I love everything about this outfit,(even though I am going to talking about the polo neck cardigan) I think it looks so classic and I am personally a fan of polo necks even though I know its another love or loathe item. And one reason why I think its gorgeous how they have cleverly stitched a lace panel on the body!

                                 Heidi Print Boxy Tee

I think this top is so cute as they have made a really boxy type tee quite edgy and I think its perfect for thoses days when you don't want to be slouchy but you don't want to be uber smart either.

                                     Faded Black Leather Double Buckle Boots

So if you read fashion blogs daily like me you will know that everyone seems to have a really good sturdy heeled chunky boot in their wardrobe! Unfortunately I don't but if I had the choice, I would probably choose this one - as it is more my style and I think it can be very versatile as its black; which is always a good thing.

So I hope you enjoyed another one of my feature posts,
until next time.

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