Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sister Vintage Mystery Goodie Bag

Hello gorgeous people,
So recently I won a twitter competition run by Sister Vintage with entailed winning a mystery goodie bag. Now I don't usually like surprises but this one was of course a good one! Cut long story short I received a lovely necklace, ring, bracelet + added extra some sweets and a cute little mirror (which I use all the time!).

 And because Sister Vintage is such a lovely company they have you gorgeous people a free delivery code if you spend over £5 (which is literally nothing considering how amazing their company is + all the cute things they stock!) all you have to do is use this discount code Lizzie13 . So get buying and I would love for you to tweet me @Lizzieworldx or comment to see the things you purchase :)
So that's my quick little post,
until next time.

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