Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog Reflection

Hello lovelies,
As 2014 is swiftly creeping in, I would just like to reflect on all the amazing things my blog and I have experienced. I have loved every minute of blogging, since I starting my blog and writing my first post - to my 90th post (which is this one), I feel I have grown as a person; so thank you so much for reading (I am genuinely grateful for every single page view). Since starting this online diary I have met so many amazing people, wrote for different websites, been invited to various events and have had the honour of attending Young Journalist Academy 2013 and assisting Shooting Beauty on shoots! This year has been a whirlwind and a rollercoaster but I have enjoyed (mostly) every minute of it and I hope 2014 can be x10 better than 2013.


I hope you enjoy New Years,
and kick off 2014 with a BANG!
Until next time

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Best Dressed @ Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

Hello trendsetters,
Yesterday I among many, watched Mnet Asian Music Award 2013 on Fox. Which I absolutely loved - even though I didn't know what they were saying (apart from a few words as I used to learn Mandarin Chinese, but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it - I really need to get back into it!); anyway I am rambling. *Gets back on track* The one thing that I loved the most about the awards was not only the variation of music but the FASHION! (hence the title of this post) I loved how the girls are adorable gorgeous and the guys are handsome, each with unique style; so this post is purely about fashion because unfortunately I don't know that music about theses artists music, just yet. (ps. I think the running dress code was black!

I love how even though they are all wearing the same colour, 2NE1 really know how to accessories and show their different personalities and styles through experimenting with different textures!
Sometimes boy band management and even stylist can make boys look like clones but Infinite look so unison but unique (I love how they incorporated minor changes to show their personalities).
Aren't A-Pink just gorgeous, sporting the black and gold look + mesh!

I love Paris' Hilton style, she always looks gorgeous!
Crayon Pop looking adorable in matching outfits!
Don't Jung Woo and Go Ara make a stunning couple!
(2/9) SNSD
I love their outfit change, it's so gorgeous, girly and classic!
Ko Joon - hee is sporting monochrome effortlessly with a red lip!
Han Chae looks beautiful in a pale pink dress with black lace
(I only wished it was a little more figure hugging!)
Han Ji-hye looks classic in a white mesh dress and a red clutch!
빅뱅 - T.O.P looks like a mix between Prince and Michael Jackson,
but I love how fashion forward/classic he is!
Rain in my opinion seems like the South Korean version of Justin Bieber,
from the response he received during the show!

(These picture are NOT mine)

I hope you enjoyed this post,
had a good Christmas and have a good new year!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Hello lovelies,
So I am bringing a post that is a little bit different today - it is a show review! Anyone that knows me, knows I love everything interior from shows to magazines and recently I have been really getting into George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (if you haven't heard of this show, you can visit it here). Why I love this show is because it is a mix between Grand Design and Location, Location, Location and I mean what's not to love! This post is going to consist of some spaces I found gorgeous, weird and wonderful!

 How amazing is this house that George and William created, I mean the roof opens!


  I loved watching this episode as this house made out of flat-pack pentagons, that are easy to produce/assemble and such a clever idea for future homes (in hotter climates, I am not to sure how it would manage in wind, rain and extreme cold climates).

How inventive is this bus restaurant! I mean its such a good idea and such an unexpected but practical business plan!

What I love about this converted caravan is that it so feminine and gorgeously vintage!

I love this decor of this Yo! home, as it is such a practical and modern home that don't waste an inch of space, but I am kind of worried about the living room in the floor/ bedroom in the ceiling aspect; as even though it is a 'James Bond' type feature, it could be potentially hazardous!




 So what do you lovelies think?
Would you ever renovate your house? Or visit any of these business?

I hope you enjoyed this post,
until next time
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Assisting Shooting Beauty #2

Hello lovelies,
So today I bring you yet another behind-the-scenes from helping Shooting Beauty last Saturday, this time in Simulacra Studio - which I realised is super close to where I live!(Which was a bonus) If you can't tell already, I  am really enjoying getting experience in the fashion industry and being able to share it you lovely people; so I hope you are enjoying reading it! So this is my second shoot I have completed and what I found really nice it not only to be interacting with some really amazing creative specialists, but also for them to remember who I am!? (I know, who would have thought it!) Ps. the themes of the shoots were Autumn layers & animal print with Aztec & warrior.

I love this glamorous look, very Sex in the City!

I love this outfit, I think the leather top, printed trousers
 and artistic Avante Garde shoes is definitely chic!

 (All these pictures are from Shooting Beauty's Instagram)

So this is the last shoot of the year and possibly my last post of the year! So if I don't write a post

And until next time


Friday, 6 December 2013

Sweaty Betty Feature

Hello lovelies,
So, I have heard of the brand Sweaty Betty before, but I have never had the time to actually browse the website. Thankfully the lovely Courtney, has allowed me to do a guest post on her gorgeous blog! So I thought it would be an appropriate post to do a wishlist especially as Christmas is knocking around the corner.
I must warn you Sweaty Betty is on the more pricey size but their apparel is extremely cute, looks like it is built to last and suited to any type of sporting activity. Now I don't know about you, but I feel more motivated and excited to do exercise when I have really cute sports clothing - as if you look good, then it will be easier to feel good! My favourite picks (below) is a composition of items that really caught my eye because of the colours, patterns or structure.
So if you like workout or just dress girly whether at the gym, the park or skiing, visit Sweaty Betty!
Until next time lovelies