Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Assisting Shooting Beauty #2

Hello lovelies,
So today I bring you yet another behind-the-scenes from helping Shooting Beauty last Saturday, this time in Simulacra Studio - which I realised is super close to where I live!(Which was a bonus) If you can't tell already, I  am really enjoying getting experience in the fashion industry and being able to share it you lovely people; so I hope you are enjoying reading it! So this is my second shoot I have completed and what I found really nice it not only to be interacting with some really amazing creative specialists, but also for them to remember who I am!? (I know, who would have thought it!) Ps. the themes of the shoots were Autumn layers & animal print with Aztec & warrior.

I love this glamorous look, very Sex in the City!

I love this outfit, I think the leather top, printed trousers
 and artistic Avante Garde shoes is definitely chic!

 (All these pictures are from Shooting Beauty's Instagram)

So this is the last shoot of the year and possibly my last post of the year! So if I don't write a post

And until next time


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