Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Assisting Shooting Beauty

Hello lovelies,
I have a special post for you today! On the weekend I had the pleasure of assissting Shooting Beauty with various shoots they were running at the Belt Craft Studio - which I was really excited about and glad I had the opportunity to do! During the two days I got to know a lot more about goes on behind-the-scenes and the framework to a shoot (and that it's not an easy job because its usually a 10 hour day!). My main role was to assist anyone who needs assistance, from making hot beverages for the clients, interacting with the team and models and even painting a model's nails (which I wasn't so good at, but I apologised in advance!) All in all though, it was a really enjoyable weekend, where I got to meet some really interesting and amazing creative people.

Behind the scenes shots!




I loved this look, so gorgeous and classic!

I love the texture and colour of this look consisting of a must have pastel coat,
a fluffly textured jumper and a printed pencil skirt!

(All the behind the scenes photo's can be found on their instagram)

Ps. Shooting Beauty is a fashion freelance agency that works with everyone in the fashion industry from photographers, models, mua, stylists etc.

I hope you enjoyed this photo filled post!
Until next time lovelies

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