Wednesday, 18 December 2013

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Hello lovelies,
So I am bringing a post that is a little bit different today - it is a show review! Anyone that knows me, knows I love everything interior from shows to magazines and recently I have been really getting into George Clarke's Amazing Spaces (if you haven't heard of this show, you can visit it here). Why I love this show is because it is a mix between Grand Design and Location, Location, Location and I mean what's not to love! This post is going to consist of some spaces I found gorgeous, weird and wonderful!

 How amazing is this house that George and William created, I mean the roof opens!


  I loved watching this episode as this house made out of flat-pack pentagons, that are easy to produce/assemble and such a clever idea for future homes (in hotter climates, I am not to sure how it would manage in wind, rain and extreme cold climates).

How inventive is this bus restaurant! I mean its such a good idea and such an unexpected but practical business plan!

What I love about this converted caravan is that it so feminine and gorgeously vintage!

I love this decor of this Yo! home, as it is such a practical and modern home that don't waste an inch of space, but I am kind of worried about the living room in the floor/ bedroom in the ceiling aspect; as even though it is a 'James Bond' type feature, it could be potentially hazardous!




 So what do you lovelies think?
Would you ever renovate your house? Or visit any of these business?

I hope you enjoyed this post,
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Merry Christmas

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