Friday, 24 January 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello lovelies,
First and foremost I would like to hope you had a lovely Christmas and an amazing New Year! And secondly, I am sorry I am a tad bit late blogging in the new year (okay I am very late as we're in our 4 week on January) but better late than never eh?! Anyways this year I am dedicated to grow even MORE with myself and my blog - so I hope you guys are ready! I will be trying to go to more events, conduct more interviews and just share a little more of me with you; so I hope you find this interesting!

Also as it's the new year, I was wondering if you lovelies would care to share your new years resolutions as, I will share a few now. This year I have tried to be very attainable with my resolutions, as I know from past experience I when I aim to high I only end achieving half which our on my list or all but not to the standard I want! So this year I am going to try push myself to find even more amazing places and people to blog about, try be a better person (meaning working a lot harder and be even more friendly - as you never know you could make someone's day!), try not to waste my summer - as it usually goes by soo quickly but I am going to try seize every moment, appreciate the little things! It's something that most of us- me included are guilty of not but especially late last year and this year I am trying to do!, blog more and work with various brands and be more healthy (which doesn't mean starving myself or exercising 24/7) but carrying on drinking plenty of water/ my daily walks through the park, eating less high calorie foods with a lot of bad fats and adding even more fruit and veg to my meals and my diet.

I know some of these won't happen over night, but I am okay with that as life is a journey and is something that is always in working progress right? Here are some recent youtube videos that have inspired me!

Michelle Phan's - Heart to Heart

Patricia Bright's - 10lb weight loss and my 8 diet & fitness tips
 And last but not least Cassey Ho from  Blogilates
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time lovelies


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