Friday, 24 January 2014

Thoughts on London Collection: Mens

Hello fashionista's,
 As LCM was this month I thought I would blog about my favourite male designers and some newbies, which pieces I liked and loved!

A. Sauvage is my first designer that I really liked as he wasn't afraid of mixing different textures and cuts in his recent collection, I also liked the use of sunglasses which every model wore. I think he put a lot of thought into how he wanted to models and collection to be portrayed which is lovely to see.

The fashionable duo Agi and Sam are very different and interesting, as looking at their past collections I can tell they like to push the boundaries of male fashion, and I mean good on them! From what I can tell they like experimenting with classic patterns and shapes while re-inventing them into their own - which is basically fashion in a nutshell!

The iconic Alexander McQueen (Men's) brand have not failed to impress with a eloquent collection with a cluster of simple ensembles with a twist. I especially love the outfit with the face on it- as it is very artistic and fashion is art right? (#4) And the long leather coat with wool inside (#1)!

Burberry Prorsum (Men's) Burberry, Burberry, Burberry! I have loved this brand for a long time now as I am kinda obsessed with their Sherling and Leather coat collections + I am loving their involvement with various musicians in Burberry Acoustic. But anyways there collection has certainly not disappointed me! I am love really loving the little touches that Christopher Bailey has added to the line, with each model wearing a scarf around their shoulders or holding an oversized bag. Also I love that the collection is a mix between classic Burberry, edgy rock 'n' roll Burberry and Club Cabana - George Michael 'Tropicana' feel to it!

Who could not like Chester Barries (Savile Row)! I think there is something just lovely about a man is a well tailored suit and I mean if you have the money for it, why not! I love that it's really classic and traditional with a few minor changes like the lovely paisley scarf, and the new and improved dapper hunter coat!

Why I love Kent and Curwen is because of the variety of colours, textures and layers - oh why can't every guy dress like this!

 Siblings (Men's) is a really interesting and fun collection, which not only reflects all off of male fashion in one collection but also how some guys are dressing today - mixing different colours and prints to make one unique outfit. I think this collection is definitely about enjoying and expressing yourself through the clothes you wear - and personally I would definitely love to meet the Siblings trio, as I think they would be amazing/colourful friends (personality-wise) judging by their collection!

Last but not least, I have chosen Pringles of Scotland to be my last collection as I love the simplicity of the collection, with thick knit jumpers, (I am in LOVE with the white and black one - it looks so warm!) polo necks - which I am an advocate for and the classic coat!

And the male bloggers you should be watching:

 So lovelies that is the end of a jam-packed post,
I hope you enjoyed it
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