Thursday, 6 February 2014

Editorials via - Favourites

Hello fashionista's,
As I was having my daily browse through I came across a few editorials I loved so I thought why not share!

Doesn't Penelope Cruz look just gorgeous and flawless, it's like she hasn't aged a bit! And I think the clothes just fit her perfectly as there so timeless and classic.

 Glamour UK has shoot for their New Season Style! Is out and I have to say I love it, from the mix textures and patterns to dressing from day-to-night! Also if your behind on the latest trends this is definitely an editorial that will get you back up to scratch, and give you some ideas on how to revamp style your current wardrobe!

 One word.. Beckham! Boy he can sell anything with just his name alone, I mean it could be bin bags and it would sell! How is that even possible? Anyways I love this campaign for Belstaff as it is so classic and reminds me of something that could have be produced in 2000 as it is, yet again so timeless!

So that's it folks,
until next time

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