Monday, 3 February 2014

Music Moments #2

Hello lovelies,
I hope you are well? Today's post is another instalment of Music moments! If you missed the first one, then this is just going to be my time to tell you lovely people about the music I have been loving, new music shows that have watched and liked etc etc. On Thursday night I caught part of s3 ep4 of the Channel 4 show 'Launch at Red Bull Studio' hosted by Radio 1's Annie Mac, which included two amazing artists - Linus Young and Max Marshall (and f.y.i before you wonder why I had time to watch this - I was ill that's why I was up so late!). And I guess the reason why I love shows like this is because of the aspects of interviewing that lets us - the viewers really get to know the artist and the meaning behind the music! (but I maybe biased as I want to be a presenter - so could be just extra learning material haha)

Max Marshall sound is really interesting and I dare say the music of the future - as it is a composition of different genres to make one beautiful sound(especially her song Don't Trip)! Also I love how she is not afraid of mixing it up in the wardrobe department, as after googling her I found that her style frequently changes - which I think is so refreshing, as I think artists should be able to alternate fashion looks just like musical genres.

While Linus Young sound I would say based on the song they performed on the show called 'Sister' is more of a sound I would hear walking into UO or in an bar in Shoreditch. Now while they may not have musical experience as they were only formed in 2013! They definitely have captured the attention of Frank Ocean and The 1975 - after writing a song with Frank and touring with The 1975(which I would say is pretty amazing!).

So what do you think?
Do you like either artists?

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