Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: IDGAF Magazine Issue 2

Hello fashionista's,
today I have a really interesting post for you! I am part of the selected few who has had the chance to preview the highly anticipated new issue, of IDGAF magazine one day early than everyone else (how exciting)! And even though I can't say too much I will try my best to give you my feedback on it now; so I hope you are ready!

So the first thing I actually read was the Editor's letter! (now I don't know about you but in the past I would swiftly past this page) but I would actually advise you read it because William really does set up the tone for the rest of the issue and what's to come! However if you are lazy too the tone of the latest issue is just not to be scared of being daring when it comes to fashion, as life is too short!

I really like the Dark Romance editorial, as it reminds me so much of Lana Del Rey's shoot with GQ for woman of the year (I wonder if you guys will think the same, when you see it!). Also what I love about the magazine is that, it isn't afraid to take risks (which is frankly refreshing!) as most magazines are quite conventional and clone-like and but IDGAF, not only entertains but also helps your recreate the latest styles and encourages you to be unique and individual! (I also love the mid-close up of the Lewis on page 17!)

There are some really interesting editorials in the magazine (which is what I like to see!) as I think it really does make a fashion magazine or any magazine, as a story can really be told through pictures as well as words. And something I noticed they do, that I haven't seen a lot of magazines (even though they should) is supporting newbie models, which I think is always good to promote not just models, but 'Creative's'; in general as it is a hard industry to get into and we all have to help each other out, right?! Also it makes for good reading (Well now I am just rambling) but definitely go look up Charlie Adshead and Tasmin Carter - both signed to PRM models.

 I would have to say my favourite editorial is 'Highway to Hell' and I think once you see it you will know why, it is very me, lets just say that (definitely something I would feature on my blog)! Although I find the editorials near the end, 'Tres - lust, control and death' reminds me a lot of Tropico - Lana Del Rey (short film) which I like.

 Finally the feature piece of the magazine, is the interview with Lethal Bizzle, and how he is venturing into the world of fashion with his new clothing line - Dench and of course it also touches on his fame through the music industry. Which is accompanied by a shoot they did with him that's style is  very 'Dapper-meets Luther- with a splash of hipster'. 

All in all I think it is a really good issue, coming from an aspiring fashion journalist, a media student and a person that loves good articles and glossy editorials - point of view! So definitely go read it when it comes out(which is TOMORROW at 7.30pm)!

Until next time lovelies,

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