Thursday, 20 February 2014

Topshop Virtual Show - LFW 2014

Hello lovelies,
So if you follow me Instagram or Twitter you will know about me getting to review Topshop Unique's virtual show!! After the amazing Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble choose me from twitter!

Here is some photographs I took on the day from my new camera (which doesn't seem to leave my hand! How was I coping before - I will never know).


Now for the show!

 Finally, here is my review of the show:

My arrival at Topshop’s Flagship store on London’s Oxford Street was greeted by a buzz of fashionista’s, press and bewildered on-lookers amazed by the Topshop Unique show.
I was excited like ‘a kid in a candy shop’ to activate the show; being constrained to only seeing the fashion show and hearing the actual hubbub surrounding me made my brain unconsciously feel like I was at the show.
The show was similar to the film Inception with the vivid surroundings of the show, even having my virtual “neighbour” sitting next to me, whom had been taking pictures on her IPhone; I felt slightly envious on occasions, as I too wanted to take pictures but realistically could not.
There were often animated pink rose petals which fell from the ceiling as a reminder that even though it seemed like l was at Sommerset House, it was in fact virtual.
The experience afforded by Topshop gave me an insight into the ever evolving world of fashion; I loved the virtual show, being part of something exclusive and innovative. It was a positive encounter with technology and fashion; I look forward to observing future pioneering works in fashion.

So I hope you enjoyed this post!
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