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Jose Pope's first women's shoot + exclusive interview!

Hello fashionista's,
Today I have an exciting post you! I not only have another behind-the-scenes post you but also an exclusive interview, with an amazing photographer who Jose Pope! How I first found Jose is actually funnily enough through Instagram! And I knew from the minute I saw his pictures and visited his website that I had to get an interview with this guy and fortunately (enough for me) he agreed and even invited me to his first ever women's shoot! The shoot took place in Leo Studio's, where if you remember is where JON magazine's HQ is! (If you're new to my blog why don't you give Inside JON mag post a read!)

And as I took so many pictures, I will be splitting this post into four sections: Make-up + Hair, Wardrobe, Shoot and Interview!

Make-up + Hair
(Make-up and Hair was all performed by the talented Babs Forman)

Wardrobe! ( by the lovely Zasu)

Shoot time! (The two beauties are Lois Clapcot and Vivian van der List)

Exclusive interview!
 I am so excited for you to read this! From talking to Jose, I not only learnt about his hidden musical talent but also his clueless moment with Kendall Jenner at this years LFWeekend!

Name: Jose pope
Age: 22
Occupation: Freelance fashion portrait photographer

How are you today?
I am very well, very happy.

What does a normal day consist of?
My normal day consists of managing Leo studio’s, here at Clerkwell Road. So I usually come in for 9:30, and do general stuff like making sure everything is running okay, check my emails, see if anyone is coming in to use the studio and basically taking care of the studio first. Then afterwards if there is nothing left for me to do, I will do my own work by focusing on organising shoots and looking up inspiration on tumblr and that kinda of stuff. Oh and tweeting and instagraming and hashtagging!

When going into photography, why did you choose fashion?
I didn’t choose fashion first, um I studied wildlife photography and landscape photography at Nottingham university, it was a course that did a full on media and creative course where we also did filming, made documentaries and we did a business module. It was really a course to get you ready to become a photographer out in the big scary world. So it was really useful and it really did help me. So yeah and I chose fashion because I couldn’t be bothered to sit in a field for days or weeks by myself to get one or two shoots – as I am not patient enough for that!

On your website you wrote about ‘film soon coming to an end and digital becoming the way forward’ what did you mean?
Film coming to an end…


So I said, I think in my description that, in the film aspect of things its faded, as maybe when I wrote it that’s how I felt, but actually film has come back a lot as now because digital is so successful, every can purchase a good or even expert camera – because there a lot more affordable now days. So I feel a lot of photographers are going back to film to be different and go back to the roots of photography. Unfortunately I have never owned a film camera or have even taken photos on a film camera before. So I can’t benefit from that right now. Although I would love to purchase one and learn how to use one properly because the only film I know how to use in the standard roll up …


The one we were given as children but I think digital is the thing of today, you know – as everyone is using digital unless you’re doing something fashion or specific magazine editorials.

What was your aspirations as a child?
As a child … probably the one that lasted the longest was, I always wanted to be a professional singer because I really love singing like music is a massive part of my life.

Yeah. What kind of genre?
To be honest I don’t know, as I love Jazzy music, I love so many different types of stuff. Yeah I have a really eclectic taste. Like literally sometimes I will listen to not full on metal Rock, but Rock um. Or it can go to Jazz or Classical. Um I was in the choir at school and also part of the orchestra, um there Pop, a nice bit or Pop. Electra … there is too many I don’t know. But um I wanted to be a singer or in the music industry.

What is the highlight of your career so far?
Um today, um I dunno, okay going to London Fashion Weekend this year and um going to the Giles show where I got to meet Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner. Embarrassingly I didn’t actually recognise Kendall Jenner and I went up as my job was to be backstage, and I took model portraits and things. So I went up to her and I asked her ‘Hi can I take your photo, what’s your name and what is your agency?’ and yeah I just completely didn’t realise it was her.

How did she react?
She was really lovely and was like ‘Yeah of course, I’m Kendall’, and she came out with this American accents which I didn’t expect and I was like oh she must be American, so she must of flown here, she must be a really big deal! But um yeah that was my embarrassing story of the day. But that is my highlight so far.

What is your favourite picture and why?
Shoot, picture and why … oh I dunno that’s a really difficult question. I think I have to say it was my very first photo that I ever took with my first digital camera. I think it was a Cannon 76 and I that they let me use at Uni. Which I rented out for the day, and I organised a shoot with my friend Lois and my friend Justine, who has modelled for me before but she is also an amazing illustrator and artist. And I had a project for my photography course and it was the first time we were allowed to do anything other than environmental but it still had to be nature so I did a shoot where she had a tree painted on her back …

…Oh wow!
What Justine did that was amazing, and I picked leaves that we stuck to her body so it looked like leaves where coming of the tree and I had absolutely no clue what to do with the camera, and I knew just about how to navigate it but I had never used an actually Canon camera before so the lighting was all wrong, so I used a lamp that I had in my living room to light her, so we could get a shadow on the other side and the detail of the tree. And you know it was one of the most basic shoots I have ever done but it is one of my favourite photos and actually I won an award for it

Oh wow
In the university magazine at Nottingham which is called Impact and I came joint first for best portrait, so that made me really happy.

So it’s a lucky photo
Yeah and it was my first ever one as well, where I organised the shoot and I loved it.

How would you describe your photography style?
Okay… it’s difficult because a lot of people think I am just a black and white photographer as I do, do a lot of black and white but I am trying to get into doing a lot more colour as I think with fashion and the pieces it’s great to get colour in there. The way I describe my style is not a very good way … but in one sentence it will be making nice people and lovely models like dark characters but in a beautiful way. By playing with shadows and lighting to make it look more old style, rather where everyone just uses a big flash over everything and you lose everything, like shadows and all that. As I love creating shadows on one side of the face.

As your favourite a fashion photographer, do you find that your style has improved, as a result?
As a fashion photographer, Yes! Everyone has does, if you look at the very first show you did you see such a difference but I mean it’s expected, especially when you’re in art, you go through fazes and you meet people who do something else. Especially now with Instagram and Tumblr you see people doing different things all the time. So you style is constantly change while still keeping the base of what you create. So yes it has definitely improved.

I actually meant your fashion style
Oh fashion style I thought you meant photography! I would say my fashion sense has changed a bit, everyone seems to say I have kept to who I am, which I think is true. Probably because I was working in Harrods and I spent a lot of time working around stylish clothes so I would say since coming back to London my style has improved from being in Nottingham cares what you wear…

…Yeah because no-one knows you…

…Or they do but they don’t care, because they know me and are like Jose is cool.

Who is your favourite brand or designer?
I am not really good with designer names I have to admit even though I know designers. Oh there is one I came across that I absolutely love her name is called Abbey Lee, she’s a not just a label designer, part of that group. She’s great a quite up-coming. It depends what kind of names you’re talking about, big names like street style French Connections do some good things. But if it’s couture than maybe Chanel you can't go wrong with Chanel … Oh Burberry! I love Burberry!

Yes like their Proseum range, with big aviator coats.
Their new stuff is amazing, a lot of models I asked ‘who would you like to model?’ for other than the ones they were modelling for, the majority said Burberry, so Burberry is where it’s at!

Who is you favourite model?
Male or Female?

Both, one for each.
Female at the moment, big female model has to be Cara, as she is so confident, weird wacky and cool. I love her, she’s just herself. So I mean like I have to say Cara even though everybody might.

Yeah, maybe someone different then?
Hmm someone other than her, Can it be someone who isn’t than big?

Yeah sure.
Well there is a really love girl called Abbey, Abbey Rose, she’s really great and she has a really good look. But really there is too many models. Um male wise there is one guy I would love to photograph, Steven Chevrin - he’s French, he has become a really big deal now in LA, he’s with Nevs. So if I became really big and had a big budget and I could hire anyone I wanted, I think if I could chose him.

Who is your role models, it doesn’t have to be fashion-wise?
It sounds really cheesy but of course, it's like the people I associate with on a daily basis, which can include my family. Obliviously, as I think everyone’s role models have to be your parents...


And siblings because without them you could just go mad and there will be no-one to do anything about it - there a big support. So I think my family and my mentor/role model has been Leigh Keily, who is the owner of the studio because he took me on as an intern; and then he showed me a lot that he didn't have to because I was just an intern. But he let me do some courses with him and it's been incredible as he has shown me how to do lighting in the studio properly when it comes to taking picture with people. And just to watch him doing what he does, for his work and magazine JON is just incredible like I've really enjoyed it and without him, I wouldn't be at the stage I am now. So that and a whole bunch of other creative’s I have met the 5 months I have been doing this. So you know everyone has been amazing and really supportive. So everyone in the industry I have met is my role model.


Why is today your first women’s shoot? Why did you chose men?
Purely because as an intern I was managing and arranging men’s shoots because Leigh’s shoots was mostly men as there magazine is for menswear. And the same with for Lloyd, who was in the studio too, he does a lot for GT. So I was either organising or helping at shoots for guys as well, so it was the relationships I made with the bookers; which is why I went more towards men’s because I knew the models and I knew who I wanted to work with and they sent them my way. So that’s why it’s been mostly men and after I did about four and they liked it, they kept sending more and asked if ‘I could do it’ and I said ‘Yes’. But I have always liked to work with women as you can do certain stuff with men but not other things.

But then I guess vice versa as well?

Because like men might be more comfortable taking their top off while women might not be
Yes they are very different but if I get a good model and a great shot, it’s bound to be fun.

What would you do if you weren’t doing this right now?
Probably working at Harrods, because I did that part-time, and they offered me full-time a few times, and I turned it down as it wouldn’t give me enough time to do my photography so I would probably be selling Barbar and expensive...

..Yeah and Gant…

… To tourist every single day but it’s not a bad life, just not photography which is what I want to do.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
Oh God that’s a difficult question.

Or where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?
I would like to have my own studio, where I have really amazing people working with me and for me. And I can have models actually come to work with me instead of me having to look for them and them wanting to take pictures with Jose but at the same time, I have met a few of them and I get on with then really well because I think genuinely I am a lot younger than a lot of photographer seem to be. So when we’re testing and after I message or Whatsapp quite a few of them and we haven't gone out like partying…

…But it's getting there ...
…Yeah we get on and I would love to continue that relationship in 10 years’ time and be the guy that models are like 'oh yeah Jose is cool' and he is a really good photographer and a really good guy.
And I would love to be in that position, obliviously taking editorials for Vogue and all that, that’s sort of a given. I would love to have my own magazine that would be amazing to have my own magazine - though it's a lot of work. So that’s at the back of my mind so having my own studio, my own team and loving life.

So I hope you enjoyed this exclusive post,
as I had so much fun on Saturday!
Until next time lovelies

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