Thursday, 27 March 2014

StitchbyLoub by Louise: Exclusive interview!

Hello lovelies,
I would like you to introduce you to the lovely and talent Louise, who has not only newly started her own business but is the same age as me! I am absolutely loving interviewing young Creatives, it is actually the most rewarding and interesting feeling, to have the opportunity to interview every single person that have already - so with further ado I here's the interview and my favourite picks of Louise's lovely creations!

I can't wait to style my one in the top left corner,
 that the lovely Louise sent to me!

Name: Louise Barlow
Age: 17
Occupation: Sixth form student (studying Maths- which I hate, English Lang, Art and PE)

How are you?
Putting the stress of A Level aside, I'm good, exciting to be answering this questions, I've never done anything like this before

What made you start your own scrunchie line as it is definitely bang on trend, with the 90's theme?
Youtube! (You can find anything on there) if I'm honest my initial idea wasn't to do scrunchies, I first started making up cushions but after exploring the internet and watching endless numbers of sewing tutorials I came across scrunchies, which I'd seen a lot of on the high street, so I thought it was the perfect thing to make (hoping that everyone else would love them as much as I do).

How did you start? How long has your online shop been open?
I got my sewing machine last Christmas and the intention was to use it for my A Level art (which I do) but after cutting up a few old tops I had lying around in my wardrobe I thought I'd experiment a little further and with the help of Youtube I came up with scrunchies and bunting. To begin with I only started selling products to my friends but after I posted a few pictures on Instagram I realised that I could actually start selling them online, which is why I started up my Etsy, I only recently opened the shop in February but to say it's been open for such little time, I'm happy with the income I've made.

Would you ever branch out to headcrowns, headbands even accessories?
I'd love to extend my range, I keep looking online for tutorials and new ideas. Also suggestions from people are welcome (I'd love to know what people would like to see me 'try' and make).

Have you always loved fashion?
Always! I'm known for always shopping and finding good bargains.

Who are your fashion inspirations?
I wouldn't really say I'm inspired by anyone specifically, I'm just your average teenager who loves to read celeb/fashion magazines and dream over what I can't afford *cries*. Although I say I'm not inspired by anyone specifically I do have a love for Kylie Jenner and her style. I'm also a little I love with oversized checked shirts at the moment which I layer over a plain cropped tee, a pair of skinnies and some chunky heeled boots.

What do you want to be when you’re older?
My ideal future would see me as a fashion stylist or an interior designer, although I'm not too bother as long as it involves design/fashion in some way.

Who are your role models?
Anyone who is successful and has done it of their own back are the type of people who I look up to.

What is next for StitchbyLoub? Maybe branching out to a flagship store? Or worldwide domination?
I can only dream!! I'm hoping to maybe hire out a market stall on Manchester's Christmas or craft market and see what the public of Manchester think of my products.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
5 years - Hopefully ill have had the best time of my life at uni and I'll be looking for employment within the fashion field.
10 years- I hope to be successful with a job that I enjoy & maybe a wedding, my own little family, who knows?

Don't forget to go follow the lovely Louise!

Have a lovely evening lovelies

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