Monday, 7 April 2014

Bloggers Love ... Of The Hook 1st Birthday

Hello lovelies,
On Thursday I was invited to yet another memorable Bloggers Love event, that I luckily went with my other blogger friends - who made it even more enjoyable. Unfortunately I didn't get to take that much pictures on the night - as I wasn't in 'blogger mode' but I promise, I will be next time. (p.s. I hope you will forgive me for not blogging, but work has to come first; but after June, you won't be able to stop me bombarding you with posts!)

Hehe I spy with my little eye ... I see Michael!

The one picture that wasn't blurry from the catwalk.

The gang!

My ootd - Next: pumps // Zara:leggings // Bershka:shirt //
 Blazer coat: Oasis

#BloggerLife Hi readers!
They were even ever so nice, to give us a complimentary gift bag!

Until next time lovelies.


  1. Went and read through your whole blog just to reach this post! this needs to happen again soon! xxx