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Creative Moments: Holly Mcglynn


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So today I have yet another amazing interview, with the very talented Holly Mcglynn. Now to be honest, I discovered Holly fairly recently actually via Two Shoes, One Pair's Instagram - as she had taken some photo's of the gorgeous girls! And from that moment I knew, I had to get an interview with her, as her pictures from her website are so pretty and she really knows how to capture a moment, with whoever she photographs - which is a really special talent to have! So yet again I hope you enjoy another instalment of Creative Moments :)


Hello Holly how are you today? 
Good thanks!

First and foremost I want to congratulate you on being nominated for Irish Fashion Photographer of the Year 2014! How does it feel being so young and having done so much?
Thank you! I got a bit of a shock when I was nominated I have to say. I couldn’t believe it, I kept shaking my head. The other nominees are incredibly talented photographers so it was such an honour to be placed in the same category as them.

What does a normal day consist of for you?
It varies considerably. Today I’ve been ploughing my way through a to-do list of editing photos, invoicing, reading contracts for jobs, going through contact sheets, putting mood-boards together etc. Some days I could be on a shoot all day then come home and have to edit all night and sometimes I run from shoot to meeting to shoot and occasionally some days are a little more chilled out.

How did you get into photography?
I moved to Berlin after I finished university and I decided there that I wanted to be a photographer. There’s something very inspiring about the city. When I moved back to Dublin I got a job, through my flat mate, as stills photographer for a film company and I spent the next 6 months working for them and building up a portfolio, which got me accepted onto a photography M.A. at Goldsmith’s which was what brought me to London 5 years ago. After graduating, I started my career as a fine art photographer and tried my hand in lots of different areas of photography to work out what I liked doing and where my strengths lay. I decided to focus on fashion photography about 2 years ago and thankfully it’s gone from strength to strength since then.

Did you find it hard getting into a long running patriarchal career?
Not really, actually. Photography is an industry where women are in the minority, for sure, but I’ve never felt held back or that I’ve been passed over for work because I’m a woman.  I’ve sometimes gone to the Canon Lounge at London Fashion Week and been asked if I’m lost, I guess because they’re not used to seeing young, female photographers. But I didn’t feel particularly discriminated against because of that, they happily let me in once I explained what I was there for! It’s always best to make the most of your point of difference I think. 

Was it hard leaving your home in Ireland to start a new life in London? Also do you have any advice or tips for anyone who is thinking about moving to another area for work?
All my family is in Dublin. I’m one of six children and very close to my siblings and since moving to London I’ve become an aunt too so being away from them all is definitely hard at times. That said, moving country is never something that’s phased me, the possibility of a big city really excites me so I didn’t think twice about it really. I was lucky though, my boyfriend (now husband!) moved over with me and 3 of my closest friends were already living in London so I had a great support network. My advice would be to throw yourself headfirst into the experience of living somewhere new. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way and work hard to create the life you want for yourself, both personally and professionally.

What type of camera would you advice to use for budding photographers out there?
Any digital SLR in either a Canon or Nikon camera system. That way it’s easy for you to upgrade as lenses you have bought for your camera can be used on your next camera. Only shoot in manual mode if you want to understand how a camera works.

On your website, it says a brief summary about you, but how would you describe yourself?
That’s a hard question! Professionally, I endeavour to be reliable and friendly and good fun to be on a shoot with. So much fun in fact, that the client simply has to book me again!

How would you describe your personal style? (Fashion and photography wise)
Photography wise, I love movement and colour in my photographs and try to convey a sense of humour in my work. Fashion wise, like a lot of women, I mix it up and wear lots of different styles but I do have a soft spot for Sports Luxe at the moment, a sweatshirt tucked into a leathers skirt with a pair of trainers is my ideal outfit right now.

What brands or trends are you loving at the moment?
Every time I pass & Other Stories I go in and 9 times out of 10 will buy something. I’m obsessed with that brand at the moment. I love the clean lines, designs and colour palette.

Why did you choose Fashion photography over any other type of photography?
As I said I started my career as a fine art photographer. I was lucky enough to be represented by a contemporary art gallery too but I found being a fine art photographer quite lonely. You spend so much time working alone, spending 6 months to a year, maybe more, producing work that you hope will be exhibited and if it is exhibited, you hope will be sold. I’ve always loved fashion, many of my favourite photographers are fashion photographers, and I think it’s a field in which you can create really beautiful, conceptual images too so stylistically it made sense for me. I wanted to work in a team, have deadlines, and see something tangible at the end of the day such as a photo in a magazine or campaign in a shop.

What has been your favourite photoshoot and why?
I really don’t know! I work with some brilliant people and I love taking photographs so most shoots are great to be on. I have a fashion feature in this month’s issue of Company magazine featuring Angela Scanlon putting the culottes trend on trial. That was a particularly fun shoot because she made us all pancakes before we started!

If you had to be one person for the day who would it be and why?
Maybe Juergen Teller? So I can see how a photographer at the very top of their game lives. 

What’s your favourite colour?
I recently went blonde so since then I’ve been mad for white clothes so I’m going to say white right now

What’s your favourite item of clothing?
Well that varies on a weekly basis but I just bought a pair of blue, orange and holographic trainers from & Other Stories that I refuse to take off.  

What has been your highlight of your career so far? From being a photographer, as you have worked for and collaborated with some amazing magazines and brands over the years, not to mention your Levi’s Revel campaign right now!
Lots of exciting things have been happening lately so I am lucky! Being nominated for Irish Fashion Photographer of the year is definitely a highlight and shooting the campaign for Levi’s too. The campaign originally started as an exhibition in the Levi’s showroom at London Fashion Weekend, but head office loved the photos so much they decided to put the photos in stores across Europe. That’s been a bit overwhelming but very, very exciting!

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Twitter: @hollymcglynn
Instagram: hollymcglynnphotographer
Facebook: facebook.com/hollymcglynnphotographer

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