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Creative Moments: Oliver + Moritz Lips (Lips2Lagerfeld)

Hello lovelies,
So today I am definitely spoiling you with this lovely interview, with the one and only Lips brothers! I was so honoured to actually get the chance to interview them - as I have been reading their blog for quite some time; and I thought it would be fun to understand the thought process behind their blog. So without further ado....

Name: Oliver and Moritz Lips
Age: 21 and 20
Occupation: Fashion Blogger, Model | Photographer, Freelancer

Oliver (left), Moritz (right)
Hello boys, how are you today?
Oliver: Hung over (it’s Sunday, I can), otherwise fine ;)

Moritz: Good thanks, enjoying a sunny day in New Zealand!

What does a usual day consist of?
O: Prepare or promote blog posts, writing / answering E-mails, shootings and organize all different kinds of stuff.

M: Discussing future projects, photographing, looking for collaboration opportunities with my brother, editing pictures, designing stuff. When there’s an event, attending them and eating all the snacks I can get. As poor bloggers we have to take advantage of free food & drinks! ;)

What made you start your blog?
O: I was always passionate about the world of fashion and wanted to share that with like-minded people. In November 2012 – after I had convinced Moritz, because he was really sceptical in the beginning – we finally started LIPS2LAGERFELD, which has been evolving ever since.

M: My brother started it and kind of forced me in to it, by making me his photography slave! In the beginning I wasn’t too convinced about the whole thing, but I’ve come to sincerely enjoy it! I still remain on the visual part of the blog and leave the promotion, text and research part to my brother.

Have you always wanted to be a model / photographer?
O: Not at all, I did an apprenticeship at a bank and wanted to work in the financial sector until I realized that it was not creative enough for me. After I started my blog and already had done a couple of shootings I was approached by a modelling agency. That’s when I sort of noticed that this is definitively the place I want to work in.

M: I’ve always wanted to do something with film and have thus always appreciated good photography, but I had never considered it as a job, prior to starting the blog.

If not, what was your dream career when you were younger?
O: I always wanted to be a hotel manager, just like my uncle is.

M: My dream career was and still is, to work in the film industry. Whether it’ll be film, photography or directing, I cannot really tell. I want to try out many things and possibly work in an area where I have the freedom to do multiple things!

Who have you worked with or for (career-wise)?
Both: Through our blog we have been able to work with brands like adidas, Zalando, UBER, H&M, Hugo Boss Watches, GANT, Samsung and many others.

If you weren’t a model / photographer, what do you think you would be doing?
O: I would probably study economics. I still find it a very interesting and important subject.

M: Even though I don’t really have the educational background for neither of those, I’ve always been really interested in astronomy or working as a pilot. As a pilot you can travel the world & wear an awesome pilot’s uniform, what’s better than that?

Have you always been interested in fashion?
O: Yes, but the awareness was different as a child and I didn’t update myself on a regular basis before I was 16 / 17 years old.

M: No not really, I mean I've never not cared at all, but it’s really thanks to my brother that it has become an interest and that I’ve learned to appreciate good quality & design.

Who is your favourite designer?
O: Tom Ford, Dries van Noten and of course – who would have thought – Karl Lagerfeld.

M: I don’t really know that many designers and probably forgot to take a lot of them into consideration, but I’ll just go with Burberry as I really enjoy the classic coats, suits, umbrellas and almost all they have to offer!

Where is your favourite place in the world?
O: It’s hard to tell since I haven’t seen it all yet, but for the moment I think I’d go with Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where our mother comes from and therefore our second home. I’ve never lived in Denmark before, but I can really imagine myself moving there for a couple of years.

M: I will have to answer this one, once I’ve travelled the world!

If you could be anyone for 24 hours, who would you be and why?
O: Karl Lagerfeld. I need to know what is going on inside this mans head? Such a genius!

M: Wow, I don’t know… Anyone I admire, probably a director, to get an insight into his daily work process. But I couldn’t really tell a name…

What has been the highlight of your career, so far?
Both: Definitively the trip to Berlin with adidas (all expenses paid)! They presented the new adidas ZX Flux and together with some other press people we could preview it and attend the launch party. We hope there will be many more events like that to come!

What advice would you have for someone looking to start a blog or newbie bloggers?
Both: Keep your blog on a high quality standard and try looking for something that makes your blog unique. This will help attract brands and more readers. Most importantly though never give up too quickly and keep those posts coming, because once you stop - even if it’s just for a short time - you will be forgotten so quickly in this ever-growing blogosphere. In the start, I am certain that some posts on our blog weren’t even read, but nevertheless we kept going!
You have to believe in yourself and the thing you do before everybody else does!

What is next for your blog and career?
Both: We hope that we can get a bigger following, as it’s always more fun to share an experience with a lot of people! Also we would be thrilled to get the possibility of working with a big brand in an ongoing, long-term collaboration, but above all we hope that one day we’ll be able to make a living out of it, at least for a while…

Lips brothers websites:

So you heard it here first kiddo’s, the blogging-modelling-photographing-duo have so much to offer and even more time to achieve it. So I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it.
Until next time lovelies.

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