Friday, 2 May 2014

Creative Moments: Lewis from Dark Arts Agency (exclusive interview)

Hello lovelies,
Don't I have a treat for you, if you love a bearded man, tattoos and model good looks, well look no further. I got up close and personal with model Lewis - who is all three! (I know, you're welcome ;) I was so glad that Lewis was such a good sport and wanted to do the interview, as I knew he would just be perfect for my next post! Also as it is his first interview (Yes, I love a good exclusive!) so I was honoured to get the ball rolling, as I know this guy is going to go far!

Name: Lewis
Age: 30
Occupation: Model

Hello Lewis, how are you today?
I'm great!

What does a normal day for you consist of?
Coffee before anything! Then a usual catch up with social media & emails etc. My days are not always the same it’s either quiet or manic and all last minute but I like spontaneity so that OK with me!

How did you become a model? Did you always want to be one, if not what did you want to be and why?
I commented on a picture of photographer Darren Black's picture on instagram and he said come down to the studio one day and let’s do something so it all went from there really. No real plan to get into this work/lifestyle but it’s always intrigued me so here I am!

I've never known what I wanted to do still don't! Mainly just be successful at something and happy with what I’m doing.

What type of modelling do you do?
Mostly fashion, clothing labels and have done a few magazine editorials.

Who have you modelled for?
Lots of brands and photographers! Check my instagram out where everyone is credited @lewisthegreat

I love your sleeves, when did you decided you wanted to get tattoos?
I was about 17 and discovered tattoos and fell in love with Japanese Art/Culture so plan on covering my body in time.

What is your most meaningful and important tattoo? And would you get anymore in the near future?
My most recent one actually. It's a Buddha Head which represents peace & going through change trying to better yourself. Was done at Lowerider Tattoo located in Bethnal Green, great bunch of artists very talented.

Your look is really on trend right now, especially your beard (which I also love)! Have you always had one or did you grow it out when you started modelling?
I always had facial hair as clean shaven doesn't suit me ha! I have just grown it and seems to have Inhanced my look so I’ll keep it for now.

 When it comes to your beard, do you use any particular product or do you have a routine to help you maintain your beard?
Well it’s just hair so shampoo & conditioner plus I use oils on it to keep it smelling sexy, oils from great product!

How would you describe your style? (Fashion-wise)
I have a mixed style some days I dress 'street' some days I dress Smart all depends on mood (and weather).

 Do you think your style has improved since you started modelling?
Yes of course I’m more aware of brands now and having worked with stylists you see outfits come together so that gives me inspiration.

What’s your favourite look for the summer?
Denim Shorts, a Vest & Shades what else!

 What is your favourite piece of clothing?
A T-Shirt it’s a staple part of an outfit, well a casual one anyway.

What do you spend your time doing, when you’re not modelling? (Hobbies)
Plan my next tattoo or just chill listening to music or watching movies my favourite things to do.

What type of music are you loving right now?
An artist by the name of Sohn. Or anything from the Majestic Casual YouTube channel!

 What three items can you not live without?
I don’t have three, my iphone does it all haha!

If you could be one person for the day who would it be and why?
Probably Kurt Cobain just to experience his crazy influential mind.

 Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years’ time? Possibly being well renowned male model?
I can’t see that far in to the future I take each day as it comes but I’m not sure modelling will be for that long so at least I can say I have done it and it’s been fun so far!

Lewis' links

I hope you enjoyed this post with the talented Lewis!
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Inside LFC Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit/ Alfred Dunhill Store

Hello lovelies so on Saturday I had a really eventful day, in the morning I went to LFC's student talk (even though it doesn't really a hard sell, does it!) and in the afternoon I went to surprise my sister at work in Dunhill (Jermyn St).

So first things first the student talk was AMAZING, the main speaker was the legendary Tony Glenville (the Creative Director of School of Media and Communications at LCF). Who really did sell the university, telling us all the projects past students had completed with high profile brands; and we even got a chance to see some videos from their youtube page from some of the events they hosted or were involved in!

So after the talk, of course me being me I had to introduce myself/
ask for an ootd picture!

And as had some down time, I decided to go visit their Jean Paul Gaultier: Be My Guest exhibit! in the Fashion Space Gallery! I really enjoyed the exhibit, as I find it so interesting to see the themes and concepts from the 80's - and I would definitely recommend you to go, but if you can't I took the liberty of photographing most of the exhibit!


I want this for a poster in my room!

Who doesn't love anything with Karl!

How amaze-balls is this! Reminds me of Lady Gaga - Alejandro
(does anyone see it or is it just me?)

After having a glimpse into my future, I decided to go see my sister, as I always threatened to come and surprise her, but never had, so I thought that Saturday would be the perfect day to do it! I am so glad I did, as the shop look beautiful, I had my camera and the lighting was perfect (and the blogger/ interior design lover couldn't help grasp the opportunity to take yet even more pictures!). Also I wish you could smell how the Dunhill smells, as it is just smells like hmm man! haha

I love the colour selection!

And while I was there (which was kinda a while) I thought why sample some the reading material!
The old store

The Alfred Dunhill open like usual during the war!

I love the looks on this page!

This is real gold!
I hope you enjoyed this post
and if you're ever in Jermyn St or in Green Park, why not pop into Dunhill!
Until next time lovelies