Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Appreciate the little things P3

Hello lovelies,
It is that time again, where I take you around my local park and do a mini ramble. Since being finished from sixth form, I feel more comfortable and I am slowly becoming more relaxed and carefree. It is so hard to just let your body relax, especially when you get used to not sleeping, being stressed and not having time for yourself. Although I hope that these up-coming posts will reflect my laidback and relaxed attitude to the summer. I am also on the hunt for super cool places to go not only in London but also in England - so if you know any, I would love to hear it!

Also something I realised a couple years back, it is so easy to moan about things you don't have and about how horrible you are feeling at the moment in time whatever the reason - but always remember there are good aspects about you as a person, that period in time will pass and there are always people in this world worse off than you; so try not to take too many things for granted because you know you would never want to regret doing or not doing something.

My ootd


I met my bird friend again!

Selfie time!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
until next time

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