Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blogger preview evening of the Dennis Hopper's exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts

Hello lovelies,
So another day passes, yet another exciting trip to central London was on the horizon! On Friday me and my trusty blog photographer Faiza (who now has Instagram, go follow her!) got the opportunity to be part of the blogger preview evening for the late Dennis Hopper exhibition that will be open to the public from the 26th June - 19th October 2014; so it is definitely a date for your diaries if you a photography lover or are around the Burlington Gardens area.

If you don't know who Dennis Hopper was, he was a highly talented artist, photographer, filmmaker and Hollywood actor who starred in huge blockbusters like Easy Rider (which they actually showed on a projector, near the end of the exhibit), Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet just to name a few. His craft and his legacy speaks volumes, as he does not have one but two exhibits on this summer honouring his work; the current one at RA and a film showing at the BFI Southbank -  so definitely something to visit if you love classic films.

My ootd for evening, my cardigan is from New Look, I borrowed the necklace from my sister, my pretty dress is from Boohoo, my belt is from ASOS and my shoes are from Next.

So back to the evening, it started with us being given blue paper wristbands and a press pack of what we were going to be seeing and also some other leaflets, which tried to entice and persuade us to return back to the historic building in the nearby future. For the time being before we allowed to preview the exhibition, we were directed to open room on the first floor which was filled with a diverse type of bloggers; who may I say all looked like professional full time journalist compared to me! Although we waited a little while, one thing I did love was the choice of drinks we were offered, it was between a delicious strawberry lemonade - which was lovely and quite refreshing or a fruity looking mojito (you can definitely tell which one I had, by my choice of words haha). After our little wait, which was perfect for me and Faiza to catch up on two weeks of not seeing each other, which may not sound like much but after seeing her everyday at school for near to 5 years; two weeks does feel like a lifetime! We were given two thorough speeches on Dennis Hopper's life, art and culture of the 60's and their own personal opinion on photographs they liked.

Now I am not arty person, just ask my art teacher haha (please don't) but I really like photography and this exhibit definitely didn't disappoint, I liked how real and emotion-filled each photograph is. Dennis Hopper really had a gift for capturing people's true emotions in the heat of the moment and me and Faiza were definitely shocked at how many locations, events and people he actually got a chance to shoot. He really had an amazing and inspiration career.

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies.
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