Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Graze Box - Review

Hello worldies,
(hmm does that sound too Geordie?) .... Moving along swiftly haha. I have been seeing adverts about Graze and how amazing it is for months, as I assume you have too - if you watch tv! So I thought why not sign up for my first box as it is free. I chose the nibblebox and I didn't tick the box, for it not to contain nuts; although I kinda wished I had but I will get to that later! The shipping was fast enough, although on the day I did come around 2pm, which was kinda annoying as it did disturb me revising and I had been waiting for it all morning, but hey ho!

First and foremost, sorry for the photography, I was in a rush taking the pictures and I had rubbish revision brain, so I didn't realise how crap my aim of the lense was! After opening the box, I  immediately wished I choose the breakfast or kiddies box, as  the selection wasn't really to my choice and I was a little disappointed - I am not going to lie!  However saying that, I did enjoyed the cracking black peppercorn, as it had a lot of interesting flavours (and I have actually been enjoying eating a lot of things with spice nowadays, which is really odd for anyone who knows me personally). The rest of the products didn't go to waste though, as I decided to give them to my mother to eat, as they were more to her taste. Her feedback was that is was very nice, especially the Pina Colada; so *thumbs up* to Graze for impressing my mother; as she is a hard woman to please haha!
I think if I do order from Graze again, it will be as I said before the breakfast, kiddie or perhaps chocolate selection. I also received a discount code, for you lucky people - I hope you enjoy.
If you have had a Graze box or are going to get one, comment below or tweet me which one!
Until next time.


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