Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#HenryFest at Debenhams Oxford St

Hello fashionista's,
Today I have an exciting post but first and foremost I have to say 'thank you so much' to Zaineb  the founder of Blogging Gals (go follow them, if you do not already!) for inviting me to this lovely event! Henry Holland's new collection, definitely did not disappoint, as it is inspired by festivals and uses a mix of textures, colours and prints - which is perfect for you lovelies who love to express yourself by clothes rather than words!

 Not to mention the fact that the festival vibe, bang on trend this year! What I love about this collection and Holland's collections in the past, is the fact that he is not afraid to experiment with different colours and fabrics which is why, his designs are not just pieces of clothing but also can be deemed as art; reflecting times and trends of society.

It was a lovely packed event, with the who's who of bloggers! (I still can't believe I got to go)

Readers I am just warning you, I took a lot of pictures - as I wanted to make you feel like you were there but also because I loved every piece!

Such a flattering print for a jumpsuit!

I love fluffy pieces, it's like you're wearing a brightly coloured Paddington Bear! 

How cute are these backpacks and knitted sets - very Kawaii!

What did the Fox say?! - Who says you can't be warm and cute!
Lovely dress for a sunny day out perhaps?
How pretty is this monochrome beaut!

So pretty for the summer days!
Festival time!

Keep warm in style!

Now for what you have been waiting for .... the off the rack pieces. (Btw you're going to love the animal prints!)

Possibly for work?

Then for lunch? With jeans and the 'everyday' heeled boots!
(you will see below)

So cute and I love orange - so a match made in Heaven!

Reminds me of a Christmas jumper? Well in a room with Holland's
 new collection  -  definitely made me feel like a kid on
 Christmas morning!

Another fluffy number and which is decorated very patriotically -
or I maybe reading into things as the World Cup is on.

How cute is this, I love it and has Unicorns!

How adorable are these Canine jumpers!

haha this jumper made me laugh -look at the Panda's face!

Definitely a must, everyone needs a comfy cardi!

I love this matching co-ord set, so Clueless and uber feminine!

Talking of Clueless!
Such a pretty piece and perfect if you want to go nautical,
 just a red shoes or a red cardi!
(Also doesn't this remind you of Jess from New Girl?)
For you flirty types ;)
So pretty and easy to style because of the collar detail,
meshing well with the spotted print detail on the rest of the top!

Super casual, easy to style and light weight - ideal for those
those lazy summer days out!

Haha ideal for a festival or a milkshake date!
What a super fun print, perfect to throw on with some sandals!
It's jacket/coat weather in a couple months,
so why not add this to your wish list.

For all you lime-light chasers, this coat will definitely get you noticed -
for all the right reasons!

When you feel like going bad! (It has a Rihanna vibe to it)

So I had to do shoe cam - of course!
Perfect when you want to add a pop of colour to a dull outfit!

White is definitely on trend this summer and I can absolutely tell why,
it's chic, it's summer and it's really easy to pull of no matter what shade you are!
I love these, just seeing them makes me want to dance -
I am guessing it's because of the silver accents!

The 'I'm so fancy' pair

The 'on special occasions' pair!
The 'everyday' pair!
Shoes glorious shoes!
So after browsing the racks and just being in awe of everything, I plucked the courage to speak to the legendary Henry Holland himself; who was is genuinely one of those few people that despite being world-renowned, still is a lovely down-to-earth normal guy who happens to be famous. During our brief talk we spoke about siblings, school, his rise to fame, his collection and my hand-me-down HH green parka coat with cream on the insides and red tartan accents (I loved the coat that much, I remember every inch of it).
Also while I was style spotting I met the lovely Law1sfab , who introduced me to the friendly Lafashionfolie and Epiphannie A . I know you can't see but Laura's heels are lovely and leopard.

The lovely Zaineb
I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
I had a lovely time at Debenhams!

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