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Exclusive interview with Tennis System (Musical Moments/Creative Moments)

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Today I have such an exciting post, I wasn't too sure if I could hold it in and not spill it on social media because I was soo excited! So as you have may of guessed from my the title of the post, I have an exclusive interview with the lovely Tennis System boys! I was first introduced to TS after watching Claire Marshall's videos, and I just fell in love with their sound - they are really cool boys, who deserve nothing less than recognition for their music.

Here are one of their songs and the link to their youtube.


I hope you enjoy reading this post, as much as I did!
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(interview is below)

Hi boys are how are today?
Matty: Fine, thanks! 

Hector: Delirious 

Zach:  Doing pretty well, thanks.
What does a normal day for Tennis System, consist of?
Matty: Typically an hour or so listening to records, followed by some hardcore maté drinking, practice, drinks and food.


Zach: Our practices usually consist of playing too loud and getting too caffeinated.

For anyone who doesn't know you or doesn't watch Claire Marshalls videos. Tell us a little bit about how Tennis System was formed? And how you would describe your sound?

Matty: We're childhood friends. It all started in about third grade. Hector was banging on his desk and Zach was humming a long. So I started singing over it. We all got sent to the Principal's office and our parents were called. That was really the beginning and, well, the rest is kind of a blur.

As for our sound, LOUD.

Hector: Matty formed Tennis System in D.C some few years ago. I would describe the sound as something in the punk-dream-noise-gaze realm. 

Zach: Hector and Matty met when Matty was playing with a Joy Division cover band. I actually met Matty off Craigslist! Shouts out to the internet.
Did you always want to be musicians?

Matty: No, I actually went to school to be a doctor.

Hector: Once I was fed up with falling on my ass skateboarding, I knew I wanted to do music. Much of the music I was getting into at the time was more inspiring than the board, so it made sense. 

Zach: Yeah, ever since I heard Led Zeppelin when I was like 10. Cliché but true.

If you could work with one artist, who would it be and why?
Matty: Musician - Kanye West. I love all of his production qualities and think if we joined forces, shit would get super weird. 

Hector: Robert Smith. He's written a song for every emotion I have ever felt, I  owe him so much. His music continues to get me through tough times. A collaboration would be a dream come true (to wish impossible things).

Zach:  I'd love to work with Kevin Shields. The way he talks about sound is really great. Actually, dude took 22 years to make an album, maybe I should go with someone else... Drake's my runner-up.
What is the one song, you wish you wrote?
Matty: Black Skinhead.
Hector: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea.
Zach:  I get that "ugh I wish I wrote this" feeling at least once a day. But "Grace Cathedral Park" by Red House Painters would be pretty great to have on my resume.
What is your favourite Tennis System song?

Matty: Right now, "Here We Go".

Hector: Here We Go (Unreleased).

Zach: "Here We Go", which is a new song we just recorded. I don't usually like listening to stuff I've worked on but I jam that shit a lot.
Who are your inspirations? (musically and just in life)

Matty: My family, Phó, The Cure, MBV...

Hector: My father, grandfather, sisters, Robert Smith, Andrew Fletcher, Stephen Morris, Ian McCulloch, Boris Williams, Martin Gore, Robin Guthrie, John McGeoch, Frank Tovey, it kinda just goes on like that…

Zach:  Kevin Shields and Drake. Lifestyle-wise, Lil B.
How would you describe you style? (fashion wise)

Matty: I'm a dedicated follower of fashion.
Hector: Tight pants, boots, loosely fit tees and fitted leather. You run with the labels, I'm no good at it. 
Zach: I dunno! Matty and Hector dress pretty similar, so maybe "odd one out". I just like black shoes, that's all I care about.
What is next for Tennis System? A world tour perhaps?
Matty: Nah, world domination. 

Hector: New material, lots of it. 

Zach: Our own flavor of Ben & Jerry's. #wemadeit
Matty - @tennissystem

Hector - @imaloner_arebel

Zach - @zachbilsonlives


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