Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hill Valley Store X Secret Cinema

Hello lovelies,
Thursday 10th was really exciting day for me, as I had a chance to step into a theatrical pop shop that Hill Valley Store in alliance with Secret Cinema were presenting; it was a pre-launch event for press, before the actual store opened to the public and before Secret Cinema Presents Back to the Future is up and running! Both shops will be open from the 11th of July and the production is from 24 July – 31 August 2014 so definitely go get your tickets, while you still can; as if it is anything like the pre-launch, then it will definitely be a whole lot of fun!

My ootd - Oasis - blazer coat//(Opia) Primark - earrings //Dress - Closet
 Next - shoes

Now this post is 100% not sponsored but I have to say, I haven't had so much fun or laughed so much at an event like I did as this one. All the staff were amazing at keeping in character - with very authentic American accents just like the ones you would hear the movies, they were all really friendly and were dressed in nothing less than vintage inspired outfits. It was really like we stepped into a scene from Grease, with all the stock characters, technology and music. And the venues, well I can't fault it, there were 4 rooms in total divided into two shops. The first place we visited was Ruth's Frock Shop (of course!) which stocked some really pretty and feminine dresses and pieces - which are very on trend season! In the Frock Shop they also had the Hill Valley Post Office, which is the finest post place in the whole of Shoreditch, where you can send your most precious thoughts and feelings via letter or postcard ... well duh it is the 1950's!

Was such a good turnout, there were so many people!

Clothes Glorious Clothes!

How cute it this dress!

For a comfy day perhaps?

I loved this dress so much I had to do a back & front picture!
Such a lovely colour!

Very Twiggy perhaps?

Perfect for a picnic or a summers day!

I love a good varsity jacket, sorry lovelies (bad camera work)
it says Carmel!

This is soo pretty! Very Stepford Wives meets Revolutionary Road!
Such a nice lady and look how cute her dress/hair is!

This lady is soo adorable, we were definitely dress the whole evening
and she even remembered my name!

Such a poser!

Through the back of Ruth's amazing Frock shop, laid Elite Salon - where you can get your hair done from backcombed updos to voluminous curls. Which was decorated with again, nothing less than vintage inspired with icons of the times on the walls for inspiration. There was also a changing room next to it - as it is not to be forgot the shop will be selling all the pieces from the 11th of July, which are one-offs so definitely perfect for you fashionista's who want to be individual and unique!

Next door was Lou's CafĂ© Express where we each could get a drink for free, providing we use the playing cards we were given at the beginning of the afternoon as currency! I decided to have a Strawberry Milkshake, while my friend Cheyenne had a Vanilla one hmm. Around the back from Lou's was the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, were the DJ played classic songs and some of the girls even got me to dance! Which if you know me, isn't something I usually do, so it was a bit of a *Kim Kardashian moment when she got on stage at Prince's concert* but I thought why not, it's only a bit of fun!

How cute, they made their own newspaper,
I love the little touches!

I have to thank Alex, AR PR and everyone else for inviting me and enabling me to have a nice afternoon and for the lovely goodie bag! I would definitely recommend anyone to come to these shops, regardless of age or gender and it is just a really lovely venue to be!

The shops address
Hill Valley Stores
59 Hackney Road,
London, E2 7NX

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies,
and why not go check out the shops and the production for yourself!
Until next time


  1. That looks super fun! I'll definitely check it out when I can!
    SASHA x

  2. could you pleases let me know around how much the dresses in the shop were? were they very expensive?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The dresses are reasonably priced - as they are all one offs and actually vintage! x